Has anyone ever been given a response from viki re buffering problems? It is getting to the point now, where we just call up the show on ‘another site’ and play it from there. Paying for viki just becomes pointless at that point.

We are watching Mr. Queen at the mo and we can get one episode out fine but then at least half way through the next one, it buffers non-stop (via both our phones and via my laptop). we have to stop everything and start again, with the same result. It buffers all over again.

If it can’t be fixed and I can find the shows on other sites, then why would I stay?


I had problems with viki loading until I subscribed… It was mainly the ads that were causing buffering issues. Since getting a paid subsription I haven’t had any problems, and I’m on a island. I was hesitant since my subscription-less experience was not good, but was pleasantly surprised after I upgraded to standard.

It does make me wonder whether they’re scaring potential customers away with the slow ad loading, though…


I’ve always had no problems with buffering on my laptop/desktop. It’s only when my internet is bad that it starts buffering. I’ve found that it’s quicker to reload the page than make it start again on its own.
With my mobile phone, I do have buffering problems. I go back to the main page, reload it, and then go back to the episode. It happens about once or twice throughout a one-hour episode. I always thought it was my bad internet. The reason I don’t switch sites on my phone is because I’ve noticed that Viki drains wayyy less of my battery life than other browser sites.


Don’t know if it helps, here are the Viki recommendations


Hi. I have just read that chrome is extremely heavy when it comes to ram.

That being the case, tonight I am going to try using chrome lite. Seems you can get it under the advanced settings and it uses far less ram.

Will let you know.

Must admit though, I did watch one episode of a show that was buffering on another site and didn’t have any problems with it at all.


All day long yesterday RViki site was buffering for me, too. This used to happen a lot a long while back and it stopped, but it seems to me, is making a comeback, which sucks big time. Since the weather by me (US) was HORRIBLE I’m hoping it was weather related and not that they are going back to their old self Rviki buffering. Btw, I watched something now, and is not buffering So Far.


It was the same for me, but today all is good until now our weather is stable, but there is a not so good weather warning again.


I have had the same problem with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. I tried the new browser Brave and my video stream loads quickly and does not show any obvious buffering. The video stream is smooth and I can skip around an episode with no problem


So the issue is browser-related? It works completely fine for me on Chrome, though…maybe if there’s too much cache or junk hanging around, it slows?


Since we didn’t have the same weather as when I had the buffering, I was lucky enough not to have it again. So maybe thunderstorms do have an impact - Who knows?