BYG_Baby's Signature & GFX Thread


I’m actually a new-comer here in Viki. Not literally a new comer to the website but I recently made an account to help out in segmenting/subbing the dramas. I’ve decided to join because my sibling is already a part of the Viki subbing team and she’s been through pretty far. If you haven’t heard of KLoveSubs, please check out her profile. I just wanted to give a brief introduction of myself since I’m new, without further ado, I’ll be moving onto the real topic.

I am actually a part of a lot of forums. This is referring to gaming forums, drama forums and now, the Viki team forums! I love making signatures and GFX graphics for others and for myself. I can make it just how you want it and if you leave a comment or even message me (or even message KLoveSubs), I can make one for you and you can put it on your profile/etc!

I use photoshop to make these signatures. If you want a quick example of the past signatures I’ve made, you can look at KLoveSubs account. That is an example of a signature I made for her recently. It took me some time, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been making signatures again but I hope this succeeds and I still am hoping that I get a lot of requests :confused:

Here are the choices/templates you can choose from:
Normal Signatures: Normal signatures are just basic signatures… (This is the example I showed in KLoveSubs profile)
Full Text Signatures: Full text signatures is where I take a huge full text and (for example), I write “EXO” in big letters. I can add a picture INTO those huge letters and show EXO members in them. Here is an example of a Full Text Signature (Ignore those letters at the bottom) It’s something like this (:
Others (Explain): If you want other specific signatures, tell me and I’ll do so!

Thanks! Please SPREAD THE WORD. I will help make signatures/etc for everyone ^___^
If you are not satisfied, I can always change it for you and/or re-do it (:
I’ll try my best and I look forward to EVERYTHING!