[C-DRAMA] - 3 Chinese Dramas desperately looking for a few good subbers

I’m an English Moderator/Editor.
I have 3 Chinese dramas of different genres that need a few good Chinese-English subbers and that I really want to finish.

Su Ran Ran’s Husband Hunting Journey … An unusual historical wuxia drama, chuck full of weird poisons, martial arts, and clan rivalries with a girl with nine brothers who doesn’t want to be married and with a poison ladened body. Who should be running, her or them?

The Girl Who Wears Earrings … a Republican (1920s - 1940s) era drama which means it’s fairly modern. The male lead is to die for. But the chemistry between the leads is also tantalizing. It’s a story of a gangster out for revenge and a powerful and righteous betrothed fighting to win the fair lady’s hand. Of course, her father killing her betrothed’s sister doesn’t help matters.

Husbands’ Secret Stash … a modern day comedy of errors. The story of husbands squirrelling away every penny they can secretly get their hands on and trying to elude their wives and girlfriends while they think of better hiding places. Of course, there’s also a treasure hunt on to find the patriarch’s original secret loot. It’s just darn funny.

So if you’re interested and love a good story, either post here listing your Viki user email so I can contact you or PM the Channel Manager of the respective drama. Thanking you in advance.


I apologize if my hyperlink doesn’t work. Don’t ask me why. It looks alright to me, but then I’m technologically challenged.


Please help Choesook out in this!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Am I correct that Stash has a License?

Are they all Mandarin or are any of the three Cantonese?

And for our studio audience - do they have any hard subs for those who use them to help them out?

How many episodes of each are lacking subs?

Are they all segmented?

I will now retire to the background to let you answer all the things that perhaps could use answers to acquire the help you seek. :slight_smile:

Please lend Choesook your ears, and your willing hands if you have the skill set of Chinese to English and a will to help. :slight_smile:

Xie Xie. :slight_smile:

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Thank you two! Whew if I didn’t have friends…

The Answers:

Husbands Secret Stash is a licensed drama.
All three are in Mandarin, I believe. I wouldn’t know for sure.
There are hard subs on “Earring” and “Su Ran Ran”.
Episodes left: Su Ran Ran - 38… Girl/Earring - 12…Husbands - 40
They are all segmented. except for Girl/Earring - which has a special segmenting team.

That’s it.

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Putting this to the top because we need these subbers!

I’m bumping this up again, so it doesn’t get lost.


Here is the link to the Drama Girl who wears Earrings, I couldn’t open your link.
There are many good Chinese Dramas, we need more people, I like the historical best either wuxia or the later ones, I can’t get fond with today’s modern ones, it’s strange…
@choesook Good Luck and Fighting!!

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Thank you so much for the link. I don’t know why my link won’t open. I really got hooked on these three dramas and since I don’t know any Mandarin, I’m dying to know what’s going on. Uh oh, does that make me one of those annoying “Gimmee Subs” people? Gawd, I hope not. Su Ran Ran is confusing at first because she’s got nine real brothers and some Temple brothers with the same number identifier. Makes for some hilarious situations in my mind when 9th Brother talks to Junior 9th Brother and so on.


Nah, those people are different. They just sprout insults and mean comments thinking it will speed the subbers up (eye roll). You’re just super passionate and excited.

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I think that I can do an English to French translation to the first drama (Su Ran Ran’s Husband Hunting Journey) ! So if you want me in your Team I’m still there.

And, I think that’s it.

  • Rania .
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Thank you for volunteering. You’d have to contact one of the Channel Managers since we don’t have a French Moderator on that drama.

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Thank you for your answer ! I will contact one of them now !