[C-DRAMA] Are you watching ODE to JOY 2 欢乐颂2? (No spoilers please)

Are you watching ODE to JOY 2 欢乐颂2?


If you are, let’s chat!:relieved: If you aren’t, it’s not too late to start. :heart_eyes: I highly recommend it, even though the plot development isn’t going as well as I’d like it to. It’s so much fun (and much to LMAO :grinning:), so much to learn, and so so heartbreaking to watch the true slices of life being fleshed out so well, stuff/scenarios that many here (and globally outside of China) probably wouldn’t have seen/experienced, personally or indirectly.

Perhaps he and/or he will/can be your pull-factor? :blush:



Btw, I’m not promoting any one site. Just the drama and the cast. I’d hoped Viki would obtain the license for it, but… :frowning: Still, it may come later rather than not. Please continue to submit the requests (if you want to watch it on Viki:slight_smile: and I bet the V-team is ready and eager to get started on it :slight_smile:)

http://i.imgur.com/uLB3Ev8.gif https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form

Google and you’ll find some links to watch it.

PS: No spoilers please, at least until the drama has ended its on-air broadcast. Thanks. (I wish Viki would incorporate the ‘spoiler’ function here like its sister site Soompi does. That way, spoilers can be hidden and clickable if one chooses, and would thus be fine.)


Where can you watch it?

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Do you mean the English subtitled version? If you google, you’ll find some sites that host it. I don’t think I can list them here for you, out of respect for Viki and the rules of this forum… But, if you can’t find any, just send me a PM.:slight_smile:

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Seriously can’t decide which gal I love best, or which couple I’d root for more. I’m also having a little ‘snail in love’ feel about it.:kissing_heart: Just love all of them!:blush:


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Hello !
(sorry for the automatic space, my phone is in French mode)

Ode to Joy was one of the rare dramas that I really enjoyed while subtitling.
When I had to review it for my friends (for Ode to Joy 2 recruiting purpose ; ), here what I said :
"Ode to Joy is not a typical drama. If you look for a drama that makes you dream, it’s not its purpose. If you look for typical romance kdramas or cdramas, it’s definitely not this drama that I would subtitle if I’m looking for this type of show. If you want catharsis fluttering feelings, you might feel unsatisfied or even bored because there’s no exaggeration to make you feel this type of feelings.

The subject of Ode to Joy is simple : it’s life.
It talks about life with its ups and downs. Not artificial, no tricks, just damn real life.
It talks about life of 5 different modern women with diverse backgrounds, how they meet and how they become friends, their/our hardships with our relationships (friends, love, family) and how we deal with it, our work life, our place in society."
The story is like a book or a theatre play, with a narrator who says what it is not said : women’s thoughts. And then the voice disappears to let the real world takes over.

And I was feeling light while subtitling it because for once I could identify some of these situations in my life even though I don’t live in Asia. And it made me reflect upon myself which is rare for a drama, they don’t usually have this effect on me.

So yes, a touching drama. Not touching in the sense of imaginary, but real touching.

I just began Ode to Joy 2 ! I’m currently watching ep5 and while watching it, it just brings me back some memories and the same feelings when I subtitled it : self reflection, captivation, attachment to these women…
Lastly, Chinese osts… Some of them are damn real good to listen to and what I like on Viki is that we translate lyrics. I understand one scene, characters’ feelings better with lyrics. And when I like a song but lyrics are not translated, I have to go look for them on Youtube. So thanks to volunteers who took the time to translate lyrics even if some others and I don’t always read them, we read them when we like the song.

So in the end, I told my friends : it depends on what you’re looking for in a drama, on your mood of the moment and your willingness to discover something that is not your typical catharsis drama.


I just finished Ep 2 of season 2 and I’m loving it! The first series was fabulous and I can’t wait to see where the characters go this season. Does anyone know if they are doing a season 3? I know this is very rare in Asian dramas, but when I googled it, it appeared that the show is based on a book that is part of a trilogy.

And yes, it kills me when other “professional” subbers don’t translate the OST.


For the promotion of the drama’s premiere, there was a pre-premiere concert:

Deng Lun/Xietong and Qiao Xin/Guanguan, this couple is growing on me :slight_smile: In ep 30, Xietong sang a song to Guanguan. Here’s the beautiful song, their duet, followed by their belly-dance :smile:

Without spoiling your on-going enjoyment as you watch Season 2, there’s no way it should end the way it did - with too many questions unanswered. So, YAY!:heart_eyes:, yes there will be a Season 3! According to some C-news, the screenplay is currently in the works, since May this year. The good news is the whole cast and crew will remain unchanged. Another YAY!:heart_eyes:


Probably my fave OTP of all the pairs… please, writer, let them have a good closure in Season 3 :persevere::expressionless:

Rooting for all of you, The 5 Beauties!



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Let’s see… perhaps I can revive you? haha. I’m in the midst of prepping the translations for YT or Vimeo. Will post here when they are ready. :slight_smile:

So well-said! I totally agree. Indeed a one-of-a-kind awesome C-drama series.

In fact, I highly recommend another on-going C-drama that’s currently airing, and it’s having an awesome drama-and-net effect as well. It’s 我的前半生 The First Half of My Life. More importantly, it’s just as touching and as real-life as Ode to Joy was and will be. It’s for adults as well as adults-to-be(prob college-bound and upwards). It’s for singles as well as married folks, or the married but estranged, or the divorced. It’s for swinging corporate suits as well as stay-at-home moms. It’s for both genders too. I’m loving it:heart_eyes: all the more because of the cast. I love the OTP - Jin Dong and Ma Yili - two of my fave Chinese performers.

Unfortunately, Viki doesn’t host it and so, only the raw version is available. May probably be subtitled in English by some YTers… Here’s the YT of ep 1 and 2… check these out if you guys are looking for something real, awakening, and unbelievably modern day…


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