[C-DRAMA] - Help get Chinese drama "Memory Lost" licensed

Dear fellow Viki members,

I write to you to ask for you help in getting Memory Lost licensed. Here is the link to the channel. With the airing date getting closer (on Monday the 24th), I have received several questions about the availability of this drama and I’ve gotten a sense that it is of high demand.

Want to help make Memory Lost available on Viki? Please click here to fill out the request form.

We are also working on expanding the team, so please contact me if you would like to contribute as either a segmenter or a subtitler. Any help, no matter how little it may be, will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Memory Lost follows our male lead as he suffers from amnesia and struggles to find his lost fiancée – a woman confirmed by everyone around him that she does not exist. He’s described as taciturn, as cold as ice, and as calm as a lake at night. His search leads him to a small town where he meets a female detective, a girl full of personality. Similar to him, she’s equally mysterious with a blank background for the last five years. After meeting him, she’s constantly entangled in complicated murder cases, and facing near-death situations. As they confront the lurking dangers, they gradually uncover the secrets to their lost memories.
(source: avirtualvoyage)


I received some offers to help already. Thanks guys! Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I attach the following links in case you want to know more about the drama:
MV - Themesong

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