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“太子妃升職記 Go Princess Go!” (2015)

Number of Episodes: 35
Duration: Usually around 25-30 minutes
Cast Members:

  • Zhang Crystal as Zhang Peng Peng (Crown Princess/Empress)
  • Sheng Peter as Qi Cheng (Crown Prince/Emperor)
  • Yu Alan as Jiu Wang
  • Jiang A-Joe as Zhao Wang
  • Guo Fiction as Yang Yan (Eunuch)
  • Hai Karina as Lu Li (Maid to the Empress)


Zhang Peng is a playboy who hits his head as he falls into a pool when he’s trying to run away from an ex-girlfriend. He wakes up to find that he traveled a thousand years into the past. But, that’s not even the biggest problem, he is trapped inside the body of the crown princess of the dynasty - Zhang Peng Peng who is married to the cold-hearted crown prince. The Crown Prince is not one bit interested or affectionate towards his own wife because he is in love with his sister-in-law (Zhang Peng Peng little step-sister) However, after the soul switching incident, the crown princess stopped trying to gain the crown prince’s attention and affection but shifted her attention and seduction to the other beauties in her husband’s harem. She tries hard to keep her husband away from her bed by pushing him to his other concubines. Her lack of affection and jealousy intrigued the crown prince and he gradually fall in love with her. How will the crown princess reacts to her husband’s sudden affection for her?

I personally dont understand chinese, but some of the scenes are so exaggerated and hilarious even without knowing the language.
It would be nice to have Viki volunteers work on this drama and translate it into English and other languages! It’s a light-hearted romance comedy with good-looking casts that everyone can enjoy!

Can you post link to the drama? I couldn’t find it

i actually dont know how to create a channel or upload the videos :frowning: @ann721600_547

This sounds like a pretty funny drama. As soon as someone gets it up on Viki hit me up! I’m a Chinese-English subber :smile:

Edit: Since it’s not yet up on viki, everyone who wants Viki to get the license should fill out the request form here: https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/

For the name part I just typed in “Go Princess Go!”


I can’t wait until Viki subs this! I think I’m dying…trying to understand with my limited Mandarin.

Reading the synopsis totally had me laughing. Wonder if the time traveling dude will actually end up reciprocating the Crown Prince’s love, haha.

according to what I’ve heard - it is a happy ending.

I heard they filmed a sad ending (where the crown princess got assassinated and the crown prince committed suicide and zhang peng returns to the modern world)

and a happy ending according to the novel :open_mouth:

But im not too sure about this @crescentsky

:cry: :fearful: noooooooo!! well in that case, they better bring the crown prince to zhang peng’s world…guy or girl either is fine by me.

It IS a funny drama! I’ve already watched 10 episodes. So hilarious. Laugh my head off. There are a lot of chinese popular saying in it, so it may take some time to translate. I can translate Chinese to English, so if you get everything ready, I would love to help translate!

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you know the following series need translators.
Take a look and if you think you could help contact the channel manager.


















1 more episode till the ending - i feel like it is heading towards a happy ending? fingers crossed this gets subbed soon!!

So Like I created a channel for this drama. Hopefully, it will get approved! and then we can start the process? @sukuisubz ,

WHOOO! this is exciting!

I really hope they get the license. :smiley:

Yes yes yes! Just keep me informed :smile:

Hi guys,

I’ve just got the message my channel has been approved. You can find it here: https://www.viki.com/tv/30290c-go-princess-go?q=go%20princess%20go

Gogo, fill out that license, please. ^^

Also if you liked to join, please contact me on my profile: https://www.viki.com/users/bettina_samai (I check it more times a day, but not all the time checking in here @discussions, but still I try to check this topic, too. :P)


WHOOO! thank you for making the page! I can’t exactly translate, but let me know if you need help with anything? Tho…I’m not sure what I can help with…lol

(I just watched ep 35 and heard that because of the popularity, there will be a season 2)

thanks for creating this channel. I personally love this low cost filmed drama. I reckon the team made a fantastic show with very limited resources. This show has most wired combinations: beautiful yet silly scenes, ugly but hot fashions, stupid and attractive plot.

What can I say? this is a MUST watch show.

Theres indeed two endings filming for this drama series! and season 2 might be in the making! :smiley: and thank you for making the channel bettina_samai!!

I’m not sure if i can help with anything but if you do need help, please feel free to tell me! I’m soooo excited that this is going to be subbed soon! THANK YOOU!