C-drama recommendations


They simply disgusting to see so much carnage and people dying so senselessly. I just can’t stand them scenes, it makes me nauseous to see how many of those scenes they put in their historical dramas.

Well I liked Go Princess Go but skipped whatever I didn’t liked is a Chinese version of Mr. Queen. It’s on YouTube] not here and better yet they shorten the episodes so you don’t go through all the blah, blah, blah they love to add.


Here are my favorite c-dramas:

  1. Go Go Squid
  2. Love O2O
  3. Skate into Love
  4. The brightest star in the sky
  5. A love so beautiful
  6. You are my destiny
  7. Le Coup De Foudre


More romance :slight_smile: I don’t really like historic ones :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much! I’ve actually haven’t seen anyone yet because of school but when I watch one of these, I’ll tell you :slight_smile:


I still haven’t chosen one :tired_face: I’ve been kind of busy, but the ones that repeated a lot were Love O2O and Put your head on my shoulder, so I guess I’ll see those first!


The I recommend Love 020, My Amazing Boyfriend & When a Snail Falls in Love:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


1.a love so beautiful (I bet most of you in here already watched this, but im still recommending it)

2.Ashes of love(best drama of yang zi for me)

3.Because of meeting you(will be interesting after a few episodes)

4.Sweet Dream (one of my favorite drama of Deng lun and Dilraba)

5.Go ahead ( one of the drama that I would rewatch It )

6.My little happiness ( just finish watching it, super worth it the main lead is too cuteee)

7.when we were young ( if you are into youth tv shows, this one doesn’t have a intimacy romance like the other tv shows, this show gives us the youth high schooler vibes that will still make us smile in a way we want to replace the lead!