C-drama recommendations


Hi :slight_smile: I have only watched kdramas, but I wanted to watch a chinese drama, so I am asking for suggestions. I would love if it had romance and preferably modern (not historical), and I’d be thankful if they are not thrillers or scary dramas hahah
Thank you so much!

New dramas

Love 020 is really good! Has romance, is modern and not scary at all. Another good one is A Love so Beautiful.


Here are few of my favorite:-

1.My unicorn girl
2.master devil do not kiss me (s1 and s2)
3.Go ahead
4.Brightest star in the sky
5.Skate into love
6.My love ,enlighten me
7.All i want for love is you
8.My little princess
please tell which you are watching :wink::wink:


Generally speaking without any specific order…

  1. Intense Love
  2. Perfect and casual
  3. Le Coup de Foudre
  4. Lucky’s first love
  5. Love is sweet
  6. Poisoned Love
  7. Put your head on my shoulder
  8. My Unicorn Girl
  9. Mr Honesty
  10. Well-intended love
  11. Master Devil do not kiss me
  12. Well-dominated love

and if Taiwan is an option as well: Lost Romance.

I usually don’t watch highschool dramas as much though except for a few. Feeling too old for that - or maybe I’m already annoyed that lots of manga focus on this time of the life already. Dunno.

  1. I would recommend Meteor Garden but it’s not on Viki… :frowning: - it’s a remake of Boys Over Flowers but in my opinion less hmm… cringy? XD (although for me a lot of chinese dramas are cringy, this one was actually better than the korean version I must admit)

  2. And also Well-Intended Love. Very funny story with an exciting romance and definitely not banal. You must also look for season 1, because only 2nd season is on Viki, but don’t be discouraged only with that! :grin:

  3. Put Your Head On My Shoulder - university/school drama, really funny and really cute - definitely worth checking out !!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Do you like a specific genre like historic ones or more romance?


Hello everyone, I would also like to add my suggestions.

  1. Go Go Squid - A drama about tech, first love, competitions and much romance. It’s a must watch from my side.

  2. The Untamed - If you are into historical, triller, action, bromance then you can’t miss this.


Hi! This is my first reply to a viki discussion but when I saw a topic about C-Dramas I just knew I had to reply. My top time favorite chinese dramas would probably be

  1. Love O2O- The beginning might be a little confusing at first, but the plot and the characters are so amazing and I fell in love with it so quickly

  2. Put Your Head On My Shoulder- It’s a bit of a longer one but it’s so cute and the characters are so lovable and sweet

  3. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (Season 1)- The beginning is a bit rocky, but once you get into it it’s such a great show. Each episode is only 25-ish minutes so its also a pretty quick watch. I personally loved season 1 but hated season two and three. It has a bit of suspense, but the amazing romance really makes up for it.

  4. Intense Love- I don’t think it’s on viki, but it was actually one of my first C-dramas ever, and it has such a sweet story and its really funny. Definitely one of my favorites.

  5. Go Go Squid- This one was amazing, but my only problem with it is that it was dragged so long that it was getting a little annoying to watch by the end

  6. The Best Of You In My Mind- Omg I loved this show so so much, it was such a well thought out and sweet show. Really funny, cute, and heartwarming.

  7. Sweet Combat- the plot of this show is great, and so is the acting. I loved all of it except the ending 2 episodes.

  8. A Love So Beautiful- I’m watching this one right now, and I have to say it is a really sweet and cute drama, and I’m really enjoying it.

  9. Skate Into Love- Ok, I liked the plot and the idea of this one, plus it was a huge fan favorite, but like at a certain point I just drifted away from the story, I didn’t like the choices the girl made, and I really hated the guy she chose, but since its a favorite of the community and so many people enjoyed it, I thought I might as well put it here.

  10. My Mr. Mermaid- this one is a really sweet drama with a big sport part, so if you like sports this would be a really good one for you.

Hope these helped!


1- solteiros profissionais
2-minha menina
3-patinar até o amor
4-meu namorado incrivel
5-a dama do general


Ah @mac15, same here! I haven’t gotten started on any C-dramas yet. Planning to jump into My Little Happiness - same cast as Put Your Head on My Shoulder which was recommended several times here.

What did you end up choosing to watch as your first Chinese drama?


Bonjour @mac15 je te conseil My Unicorn Girl , Sweet Combat et A Little Called First Love .


So I have just finished Love and Redemption, and Legend Of Fei and I have no clue where to go anymore. I need some suggestions on what to watch next. I would prefer something on the lighter side as L&R was full on emotionally heavy and LoF was quite twisty and turny. But any drama is fine.

Also any dramas that you would recommend would be nice too :slight_smile:


I’ve got a few collections, 2 that may have something you’d be interested in, there’s a bit of overlap between these two collections but the first has more of the lighter dramas. They’re mostly Kdramas, not as many Cdramas though. I just realized there isn’t much for historical dramas in either collection. hmm


Two of my collections you can read brief synopsis of the drama. I have not watched many C-dramas but the two T-dramas I love are Bromance and Lost Romance. Maybe give kdramas a try with Love in the Moonlight or Oh my Venus or W: Two Worlds. I am currently watching I Am Not A Robot and it is hilarious. C-Dramas: Romance of Tiger and Rose. My Love Enlighten Me. General and I


I just found this one?


I don’t usually go for non-historical/fantasy stories, but I really enjoyed Standing In Time. It wasn’t really a riff on the usual “Rich Boy-Poor Girl” story. The characters are honest and well-developed, even the secondary characters. The story is very frank yet poignant. It is really well done.


'Watch Go Go Squid.


Currently needs to be requested on Viki. I am watching on another platform. It has the most beautiful cinematography and the Main Couple is so ADORABLE! With great chemistry.


The Brightest Star in the Sky :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


I just wish there was better stuff in the C dramas, other than the battles and killings, love the historical stuff, but those battles just kinda tire me out.