[C-DRAMA] Recruiting moderators for Forever Love

Hi everyone!

We are in need of other language moderators for the new drama “Forever Love”, please send me a pm if you’re interested.

Languages that have already a moderator/moderators are:
Portuguese: Nicoletak & Gifabeya
Spanish: Eun_soo_lee_2 & Sita24
Romanian: Tony83n_283
French: Namii1ll

To be in the team as subber of other language, please contact your respective language moderator and if you are a subber without mod pm me please!



vocês precisa de voluntários para legendar do inglês para o português. Estou disponível.

Entre em contato com os moderadores pt. ^^

Hello ! I would like to be your English moderator… If you’d have me!

Hi, i can make the subs in spanish :slight_smile:

@kavonmepe_90 Please send a pm to the Spanish moderators :blush:

Olá! Tudo bem?

Sou nova por aqui e tenho interesse em legendar do inglês para português. Obrigada!

Do we have an ENG moderator now? Ready to join as an ENG subber