[C-DRAMA] "The Long River" (no pre-subs, historical, 40 eps)

Hi, everyone!

I’m excited to be chosen as the CM for my first longer + historical c-drama called “The Long River,” which has a more serious tone to it.

:exclamation: NOTE for seggers & ENG subbers: This will NOT come PRE-SUBBED!

:ear_of_rice: Airing: Mon-Sun; starting tomorrow (Nov 16th - Dec 25th) there will be 1x episode daily
:fallen_leaf: Duration: 40 eps x 45 min
:ear_of_rice: Cast: Luo Jin, Yin Fang, Huang Zhi Zhong & more~
:fallen_leaf: Genres: Historical, Life
:ear_of_rice: Tags: Flood, Civil Exam, Historical Fiction, Qing Dynasty, Disaster

Looking for: CE, GE, TE, CS, Segmenters, CHINESE-ENGLISH Subtitlers, OL Moderators
Contact: @flowersnacc (Annie :yellow_heart:)

“After a huge flood during the 15th year of his reign, the young Emperor Kang Xi conducts civil service examinations to recruit talented individuals to solve the problems plaguing the Yellow River, thus allowing the 24-year-old Chen Huang an opportunity to come to the fore.”

Let’s go on this journey together, thank you!


¿sigues buscando subbers? ¿del inglés al español? por mi parte puedo ayudarte. Saludos

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Hello! The Spanish moderator is anny_ferrusca. You can message her directly to see if there is a spot on the Spanish team for you.

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Hi, are you still looking for Segmenters? If so, would love to join

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Sorry, the drama is fully subtitled by now and the only thing left is the English edit. I can’t edit/update the post above anymore. Still, thank you very much for your interest, maybe we get a chance to work together next time. :yellow_heart:

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