[C-DRAMA] "The Starry Love" Recruiting language moderators

Hi everyone!

For the up-coming c-drama

I’m looking for moderators of all languages (except Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish and German). If you don’t have more than 4 projects as Gold QC or 2 as QC (above 10k contributions), your application is welcome. If possible, please send me a list or screenshot of your current project board.

Please contact me on Viki.

Looking forward for your message :wave:



I can help in translating from English to Italian but i am new when it come to this job so i have no work i can screenshot for reference sake.
Thank you,
Hope to hear from you soon

Hi Daniella,

thank you for your interest. Can you send me your Viki profile please?

This is my viki profile.

Hi! I can subtitle from English to Dutch. This will be my first project so I don’t have any other projects I’m working on.

Thank you all for your interest.

Subtitlers, please contact the moderators of your language.

Hi! I can contribute English to Tagalog language. But, I can only promise to finish one ep per week. If it’s okay, then I am looking forward to work with you. :slight_smile:

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I can help translate to both Arabic & Swedish

This is the link to my profile: angelzlove1 - Rakuten Viki

Thank you

Are you still recruiting? Would love to be a Thai Mod for the show.

It’s not specifically for this project, but what you wrote made me curious. How can one send a picture in the Viki inbox? You’d have to upload it somewhere else and post the link, right? (It’s much easier to post it here in Discussions and then copy the generated link, so maybe that’s what you meant?)

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