Calm songs


Great Negative :ok_hand:
Finland has really good bands :heart_eyes:


Definately! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I went to a concert of Lauri Ylönen’s band, The Rasmus, when I was living in Helsinki. And Ville Valo I once saw walking on the street …


They have such wonderfully melancholic sounds
In their songs, I think it’s great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If they are exposed to darkness for a long time, Then the soul begins to whisper :pensive::heart:
Thanks for these bands Mirjam :heart:



And declared good :grin::blush:



Oldies but goldies, as we in Germany say



A song from 1985 with new arrangement

and another one from 1984


City :slight_smile:





Great song with great lyrics:

And Natalie Merchand solo:


Love her voice a lot. 10000 Maniacs with the Bruce Springsteen song Because the Night, not posting here because it isn’t a calm song.


Me too. And yes, Because The Night is a great song, also in Patti’s version, but even Natalie’s unplugged version is not really calm, haha.

And here’s Belly:

Throwing Muses:

Kristin solo:

Tanya solo:


Was a bit hesitant to post this one because the middle section of the song gets lively, but it’s a gentle-lively, not too much, then the song goes back to being very calm and contemplative.


The animation in this video is of Goblin: The Great and Lonely God. The song is so calming to me.