Calm songs



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Maybe you’ll like this song as well :slight_smile:


feel free to add some calm songs too.


Oh it’s a really pretty song! I added it to my Chinese music playlist on YT. I recognize Eddie Peng from the MV :smiley:

Mm…I’ll share this one calm song. I have to limit myself so as to not overwhelm others


Your song is also nice, didn’t know it before, thanks :cherry_blossom:


This song was written by Jong-hyun, may he rest in peace, and performed by Lee Hi. I love it dearly.


This song is beautiful with hints of sadness in it. Dear, dear Jong-hyun…


It’s so beautiful! Sorry for answering only now :cupid:





A classic


Finnish lullaby.



@mirjam_465 LOL I don’t understand a word but I just want to jump into a car and make a journey into the blue …
It’s been ages I was sitting behind the wheel just for fun.