Can any roku users help me?

any roku user willingto share there subtitle settings to make reading bearable

@asianmusicguy Not sure if I understand you clearly I am a user of Roku that is the only way I watch VIKI drama.
To began with it starts with the language setting you want set up in your Roku. Go to SETTING in Roku there you will see preferred language ( If it English it will be there and others as well place a check mark. ) As you stroll downward in the setting there will be other features you can set up ( Easy to do ) to make it better for you

Now here are all the Steps to make the subtitles setting better: GO INTO YOUR ROKU SETTING UNDER SYSTEM.

  1. Click into TEXT STYLE - For myself I leave it on DEFAULT ( it should already be set as default )

  2. TEXT EDGE EFFECT- I leave as is on DEFAULT.

  3. TEXT SIZE- This is where you can change the Size of the words or font ( that you will see on your TV screen ) There you can pick the size of words font for your viewing - LARGE, EXTRA LARGE, Or Medium (I use Medium) You can always change it back and forward ( Do a Test with a Drama ) to see what font size suit you best. Place a check mark on the size you want.

  4. TEXT COLOR- Pick the color of the words or font you want place a check mark on it. ( I use White )

  5. TEXT OPACITY- DEFAULT Already set ( I use Default )

  6. BACK GROUND COLOR ( Meaning Behind your Font words ) I use BLACK ( Place a Check Mark beside what you want. Again test it with a drama to see if that what you want. You can always change background color )

    8, WINDOW COLOR- Already set on DEFAULT ( I USE DEFAULT )

Here AN IMPORTANT TIP After doing all of this and you have pick what you like, go back to SETTING > SYSTEM > And RESTART YOUR ROKU SYSTEM. Let it roll until it’s finish it will return to your Roku screen where all the APPS are You will see VIKI and other like Netffix there. I hope this will help with your subtitle reading. Please let me know.

If you follow all these steps you will enjoy viewing on Roku with subtitles. Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:


Excellent guide! Thank you for putting this up. :slight_smile:

Roku also sometimes messes up your settings if you adjust the subtitle use in other apps, e.g. Hulu.

Some of the apps - Netflix - also use a TOP sub rather than a bottom of screen one. Care in selecting the correct size and opacity will determine some of your useful nature of the captioning or frustration in not seeing the rest of the picture at times.

I watch things from all over the world, and I am clearly no expert in Turkish - so I have to use the subs on and off all over my Roku. I use the Roku to do my final edit on a more challenging drama to ensure I catch as many typos or oddities as possible in a final viewing.

If you find a setting you like, my suggestion is to write it down on a notepad so you may return your Roku settings to their proper levels in the case of a Roku crash or something like Hulu blundering through your settings as mine seems to do occasionally.

Do you not find subtitles grey more then white on Roku? it would be nice if subtitles just appeared the way they do on the website also I traded in my fire stick for a Roku wise or stupid?

@asianmusicguy No my subtitles are white in color and do appeared as they do here on VIKI. I am not sure if things have change but I read somewhere on here a long while back that Viki steaming did not work well with Roku Fire Stick, maybe thinks have change since then I have the box. Roku 3.

Also Roku will give automated updated from day to day, but I like to do my own manually, because I have found that some updates like Netflix and Sling some time give their own personal updates.
I hope you have follow the steps I gave you if so you should have better viewing. :slight_smile:
Also it’s a good ideas to re-start your Roku system after updates and from time to time.

@deadliftdiva_548 Thank you I hope you find the guide useful and also for other who use ROKU. I love that little tiny box.
:smile: Just to add I always restart the Roku system after updates I do it daily. just to keep it running correctly. Now you don’t have to but it’s something I do. For example if your Subtitles are not coming through, If you restart the Roku system they will be there. Unless it is something wrong with the web tech issues ( I report ) Like in April the subtitles was working well on the web, but not on Roku but the tech department fixed it right away

So what do you guys think is roku better then amazon fire i bought both trying to decide between them

@asianmusicguy I can’t speak about Amazon Fire I only use Roku. And to be honest it comes down to your “viewing” and what you think work best for you on your TV and remember no TV is the same it depend on the quality of the TV and the quality of the method you are using. So All I can say is use your own eye view, it’s all about YOU and what you think is comfortable for you. Also you can Google and find out which is better.