Can someone explain this to me about kinnporsche?

if porsche was hired to be kinn’s bodyguard because he can fight, then why is it always the other way around?


Ah? the other way around? what are you trying to say?

in the rest of the drama porsche is always in trouble getting kidnapped, beaten up etc and it’s always kinn who saves him, if porsche was hired as kinn’s bodyguard…then how is it that kinn is always the one saving porsche?

That’s a question that all of us, KinnPorsche lovers, have always been asking. And there’s still no answer :joy:


that’s true, i rewatched it twice trying to figure that out :joy: it was one of the most hilarious dramas i’ve ever watched and that amulet i don’t think i can ever forget it in my life and also how in the world did it end up in kinn’s mouth when he threw it at him? ig some questions are unanswerable :joy: