Can someone help me to find this drama or movie?


Is the drama maybe Cain and Abel with So Ji Sub? I only watched the first 15 min or so, but I don’t know, I may be wrong…


I will check it out


I opened the form to make the request but it says " Thanks so much for suggesting a title. We will forward this information to our business team" already :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Try this link please. Most likely I gave you the link I already submitted myself by mistake. Thank you so much!


I suggest you don’t waste your time. (…) The actress (both) are terrible and the only good thing to say is that the actors were cute.

I was the one who wrote this review lol. I hated this remake with these terrible actor/actress.

I really liked this drama with a Chinese actor that looks and must be in his 40’s. It was here at viki and I saw it from beginning to end (a rare thing for me) The older actor guy was a very attractive and sexy man, and the main actress was a perfect match for him. To this day, I’m still looking for the version I saw here at viki but with no luck So Far but I’m still searching…:thinking:

Not giving up yet.

PS: I’m not talking about the movie Lee Jun Ki. there wass another version of Love test