Can someone help me to find this drama or movie?


Sadly i don´t know where to ask and hope someone can help me here! I´m searching for a asian movie or drama which i watched one year ago. I can´t remember the name or from which asian country it was!. The man married a woman just to make her suffer because a related person from him died and he gives her the guild for it. i know he was very rude to her. It is not the movie Le Jun Kai but a bit similar. I hope someone can help me! I think the twist was that actually the woman didn´t saved the dead person because she saved the main character at the same time.

Thank you for your help!


I know which one your talking about, it was a wonderful movie. I saw it on YT a while back I don’t know if it still there but I’ll check. Hopefully someone remembers the title.


Hmm I think it could be Secret Love… It’s a South Korean drama.


no it´s sadly not. I think it was just a movie.

but thank your for trying :slight_smile:


I think i watched it on youtube too! but it is one year ago and i can´t find it in my youtube history anymore. I hope that you can find it >.<


Sorry, is not there anymore. I’m 100% sure I saw it on YT bc it was a while ago, and that’s where I mainly used to watch my movies. Good Luck. I’ll keep looking around. By the way, the one I saw I’m sure it was Chinese not Taiwanese or Korean.


I wanted to share with you that i found the movie after searching for a long time!

Thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:


I want to request this one here at viki. It’s a real jewel. i love movies where the woman is tough/fighter… The best part it has a wonderful ending!


We should request this one with Ji Sung from SK really good one too


what country is it from?


It’s from China in 2010. I just left the link there so we can make the request.

Directed by: Chao Bindy/John Woo


How you was able to find it? bc the title to me sounds different than what I remember. I hate the bed part so much (honeymoon that never was) I always say they kind of copy Lee Jun Ki from that one but they change certain things and the ending.


There’s no sound?


yes sadly i couldn´t find the movie with sound till now i will search for it more


I searched for a lot days on youtube now, i always clicked on movies which have a similar story line. Somehow finally youtube recommended me the movie on the side when i watched a different one! But sadly i couldn´t find it with a good sound till now. I like both movies, because i like this kind of story line a lot so it´s okay for me if they are similar :slight_smile:


Wait, it’s here on Viki! I cannot view it because it’s restricted for my region, but maybe it’s not for yours.

And, by the way, everyone in the reviews says it’s really terrible, LOL!

I have never seen such an overwhelmingly similar response by 99% of the reviewers, and I have never seen such a collection of 1-star reviews. Here is a sample, in all languages. For anyone who, like me, can’t watch it because of regional restrictions, so you don’t feel too bad.

Well…I done Diddly did it…I have watched the actual wOrst movie evEr. Ohhh lordy what has become of our world

I feel like I walked into this movie half over. The editing and the story telling style make no sense. (…) I think I’ve seen lifetime movie channel movies that were Oscar worthy compared to this one

I suggest you don’t waste your time. (…) The actress (both) are terrible and the only good thing to say is that the actors were cute.

Os atores não fazem um bom trabalho (mas não sei se é possível fazer um bom trabalho em uma história dessas), os cortes entre as cenas são confusos, a passagem de tempo também é confusa, a história não tem um bom desenvolvimento. Se você quiser assistir faça por sua conta e risco, boa sorte!

The thumbnail for this is all that’s attractive about this movie. Like wow, this was bad. Really really bad. Like, toxic, abusive relationships and Chinese culturally acceptable immorality at its finest. DON’T put yourself through the hour and 22 minutes+ads for this nonsense. The acting was mediocre (although the main actress is a good cryer I’ll give her that) and the transitions, from an American film watcher’s perspective, were terrible. The storyline was disturbing and rushed at some points while unnecessarily drawn out at others. The ending was terrible in the sense that NO ONE gets what they deserve. Do yourself a favor and pick another movie.

I just wanted to see if it deserved its low rating… so yeah, it does.

Horrible. La peor película asiática que he visto en mi vida.

It’s a child’s production of movie, ensemble includes amateur director , writer and cast! Wait, I was wrong kids now produce and star in plays they created that are similar to Broadway. This movie is a utter disgrace to all directors, actors, actresses and staff of the film industry. I prefer -0 stars, unfortunately that’s not possible!

Apart from having a hot leading actor the whole thing was so badly put together that it was impossible to follow. Don’t think I will bother finding the other movies in this series. Shame.

Un film incompréhensible avec une série de scènes mises bout à bout, les acteurs sont mauvais, je n’ai jamais vu des roses :rose: pousser comme ça,le budget vestimentaire était réduit, les deux choses pas trop mal sont la musique et les bisous :kissing_heart:. A éviter selon moi

Ce film est un échec total! Seul l’acteur principal est bon l’actrice est nulle sa voix est chiante ! Bref c’est très mal joué et l’histoire n’a aucun sens ! Le réalisateur le metteur en scène sont nuls

Annoyance beat out curiosity and I can’t watch the remaining 35:33. Yet, I have a question: Why do these Chinese dramas use the same voiceover actors? Don’t they realize how annoying that whiny immature voice is – the one used for the lead actress?

Un film vraiment nul. Impossible de suivre l’histoire et les acteurs jouent très mal. Quelle perte de temps ce film un seul mot HORRIBLE.

Hahahahahahaha. This was the most ridiculous thing I have ever watched. It made no sense. I wonder who put up the money for this movie, they need their head checked.

Please don’t this CMovie turn you off! This was so horrible, I almost cancelled my Viki Subscription

Es súper mala, perdí mi tiempo…

So a bad movie don’t watch it

I watched it just to see if it deserved the rating it got. It was so bad. The acting was terrible and I couldn’t even go past the first 10 minutes before I had to stop watching

Oh-my-god. This is sooooo bad. Really, it’s terrible. A teenage group with a camera would do better. If you’ve never seen a chinese movie, don’t start with this one. I’ve watched it out of curiosity, because sometimes the movie is so bad that it became interesting, but not this one.

It’s awful don’t even waste 2 hours on this bs, watch a nice film that won’t ruin your day. I saw a comment and thought It wouldn’t be that bad IT IS BAD.


was it the one where the girl could have been the guys wifes double?? and his wife left at an inopportune time, so he got her to “fill in” as his wife? and theres another I will have to check( yeah,yeah this is on another link) there’s another I am thinking of, I will have to look. I think it was I summon you gold

Goong(princess hours) that is one I would have loved to choke the guy!!

glamorous temptation? not sure about this one. I summon you gold, and another I am not sure, but Mask, how about oh my princess, he was to be her guardian these dramas, looks like another rewatch. I hope this helped.


It was the actors that messed it up on this one, I saw it with a different actor and actress (more mature but is the same story a kind of copy of Lee Jun Ki movie). I really wish I could find it with the other actors but YT don’t have it or Ntfx etc… I’m thinking maybe I saw it in, that was removed a long time ago.


Here is another one, it is a Korean drama, the couple of scenes, one two guys on two land rovers, somehow one was crashed and the guy died. what I recall, the mother has taken the guys room and made a shrine out of it, some years later, the other guy comes back, and really upset that his mom made a shrine for his brother. the family owned a company, don’t recall if it was a bakery or different company. course a girl involved, and sparks do fly. any one ?? yeah I know not much info on this one. not my sam soon, or lie to me or gourmet. no problem if you can’t think of it. maybe it will turn up later.


LOL absolutely no idea, guess it’s a big revenge thingy that drama at least it sounds like it. I skip those if I can … Good luck, maybe someone else knows.


on that really not sure. but of course could be… thanks anyway