Can someone help me?

Can someone help me. Please give me a list of K-Drama’s that are, Comedy and Romance :slight_smile: Thanks guys!! Fightinggggggg!! :))

Look at the Top 3 K/dramas topic there’re many good ones there.

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“A Gentleman’s Dignity” tops my list.
After that, some others I find hilarious as well as romantic:

Master’s Sun (finishing up this week and a MUST SEE)

Pasta - same female lead as Master’s Sun so I guess that girl is just good, I couldn’t stop watching this

My Name is Kim Sam Soon - aka: My Lovely Sam Soon - classic and amazing chemistry between the leads. You’ll cheer for this girl

You’re Handsome, You’re Beautiful - aka: You’re Beautiful - lots of belly laughs in this one and music that will stick with you

My Queen - Taiwan scored some points from me with this one. well done and romantic with some very funny moments between the leads

All About My Romance - such an unlikely pairing but so sweet and the male lead is hilarious

Oh My Lady - light hearted fun

Enjoy! I look forward to reading your review in the NY Times…or just let me know what you liked. :smiley:

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Viki has categories… go here :slight_smile:

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I REALLY love Pasta. But besides that and Playful Kiss, I really like melodrama and sad romances. Everythings so romantic when someone either dies or has a DRAMATIC character change.

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