Can we make requests for Watch Parties?


Thanks for the heads up! Though, I have no worries about that. Years ago, I followed kpop (2NE1, Big Bang, Sistar, Exid) but now I just watch kdramas. They help me to de-stress. Earlier in the year, I stopped watching kdramas for 3 months to focus on studies…stress levels went through the roof!

Anyway, thank you!


I like some KPOP songs but I don’t follow any particular group. If I like a song, I add it to my playlist.


To each it own, I am not a fan of watch parties, I rather enjoy my own follow private list, Not into reading other comments while the drama is running ( if that is still going on in watch parties not sure ) I like the idea of getting into the drama very closely to know and understand each characters and how the story is playing out. I don’t want any distractions that will bring about missing a point within the drama.


Yes, I understand wanting to see a show without interference, but the purpose of watch parties is the social chit-chat with others. I often ignore the chat (the ‘where are you froms’ and idol comments) when the show is interesting but the chi-chat about the show itself can be hilarious. It’s like sitting with my rowdy sisters and friends watching a show in the old days. All the peanut gallery comments are what make watching a show together fun. It’s a social thing. And a lot of watchers have already seen the shows but they can’t give away hints or they get booted.


Is this an actual concept? :thinking:


Yes so it is the same social chit-chat with others. I still say no for myself, I don’t want interference while watching a drama. Nor do I want my attention from the drama toward the so called peanut gallery, but if that what others like than fine go for it. But me, I, myself, and my shadow want no part of the circus. :woman_juggling:


The ‘peanut gallery’ is a phrase from the old Vaudville theater days. Poor people could not afford the close up front seats so they had to go up into the ‘nosebleed’ section. The cheap seats were up in the balcony where they used to sell peanuts rather than popcorn. So the rowdy people in the cheap seats became known as the ‘peanut gallery’.


Ahh, temper your expectations.
"Come, Elouisse. Let us avail our patronage to this fine drinking establishment ‘:boar: The Hairy Hog - beer, pool & watch party’ " :face_with_monocle:


It’s probably because of the timezone differences… on the east coast (of the USA) they start around 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (it all depends on when the watch party is) But on the west coast it would only be 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (again, it all depends) So yeah, while it might be late for some there early for others. Timezone are confusing sometimes, I hope that helped.


I’m excited but wow in the past when I tried swiching on timed comments the multitasking we have to do… I’m sitting there and trying to read both the TCs on top and the subs below and AT THE SAME TIME trying to look at the video and make sense of what’s going on… I must have replayed some scenes at least twice.
Well, I guess I’ll have to watch something I’ve already watched before…:sweat_smile:


I’m not sure if I should reply to this topic or start a new one.

I’m seeing watch parties above the continue watching shows for the first time. It seems like people are starting public watch parties.

But when I click on a watch party, I receive an error message. I wonder if the host has already left the watch party? Perhaps it should show a time when the watch party will start? Is anyone else seeing the same?


It was new to me yesterday and buggy. You can click to join but then something goes wrong. They’ll fix it.

I made one for ‘Twenty’ - See if you can join it. The problem is you can’t post a viewing. We are all in different time zones so that is a problem if people don’t know when you intend to run it.

Ok Twenty required a Viki pass so I killed it for this experiment. I created one for a free movie “Detective of the Ming Dynasty” but it is not appearing on the home page. It is probably mad because I created one and deleted it right away so It won’t let me make a new one so soon. I don’t know what the time out is.

Watch Party Link -

Well It’s almost 11 PM. I am going to sleep I’ll stop this experiment and try another time.


I don’t see yours, the watch parties from last night have also disappeared. Someone else has started one, but seems to have left already. So I guess the watch parties are cleaned up after awhile.


A couple of days ago, I had received one of those pop-ups on website (you know the ones that appeared during subathon or advertising Viki pass).
The pop-up was about two of these user-created parties starting after 17 hours. Both watch parties are still visible to me on home page:


It’s the same with me too.


Viki’s twitter account made a post about this new function this morning, so I guess it’s officially a new thing, and I guess they are (or were) still working out the bugs because I also started seeing them a few days ago but couldn’t actually join any. If I tried to click on them, it said no parties were available.


So now that we can’t name our WP - we can make them public or private!?
I don’t know why if they are making them public you can’t get into them


I hope they work them out and give us more information about how it works :thinking:.


It’s still buggy


I don’t know anything about the watch parties.
Do they have a limit of amount of people allowed in?

I just tried to click on one and it says