Can we make requests for Watch Parties?


I’ve attended and enjoyed several Watch Parties and wondered if we could make requests?

I’d like to watch these with chat friends. :sunglasses:

Midnight Runners - Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Nuel are such a great team in this one,
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency - It’s just so cute.
Hwarang ( I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the opening scene with 개새 - Dog Bird - [Park Seo Joon]) He’s having a such bad hair day. His opening scene expression is just so GREAT :laughing: :rofl: I had to replay that a few times it was so funny.
Oh! Fighting My Way - Dong Man is hilarious - Park Seo Joon is so GOOD at expressions - His non-verbal communication skills are top notch. :sunglasses: :rofl: I laughed so hard during episode 7 that it took me a few replays before I could see the whole thing, I had laughter tears blocking my ability to see the screen.
Till the end of the world - Mark Chao - Plane crashed in the antarctic. Tough survival situation. I really liked this one. He’s also in Eternal Love

I could go on and name more but I’d like to know what you’d like to see during the watch parties.

If you like the Watch Parties, which shows would you like to see?


umm, sorry, but is there a Watch Party option on Viki??


After reading your post, I had to look up if Viki has a watch party feature. I am so excited for this! I’ve been missing the comment section on the individual episodes, and watch parties sound like a great substitute. I’m going to test it out tomorrow to see if it’s still restricted to the US.

If I could make requests, it would be for shows I haven’t had the chance to watch (Mother, My Mister, Memorist, Stove League) and I could go on and on. It doesn’t seem to be a feature right now though, based on what I read:


Only in the US … :cry:


but why so late???


Do they start late at night? :thinking:


Ah, I’m sorry guys, for now it is only the U.S. Maybe because of time zone issues?


Maybe also license issues or technical issues? At least with time zone it would be our choice whether we stay up for it or not …


I’ve not been on Viki long so all the shows I’m watching so far have been first watch with subtitles, so needs my full undivided attention.
Watch Parties are not available in my region either, but even if it were and for a show I’ve yet to see, I would look :crazy_face: like a chameleon with one eye pointing one way watching the scene, reading the subtitles and the other eye rolling up and down scanning the chat!
Would watch parties only work if
A) you are fluent in the language of the shows country of origin, so don’t need to read subtitles.
B) are not watching the shows for the first time?

I find I’ve missed chunks of video live streams when attending to the chat, and they’re streamed in English! (forget it when there’s hundreds in chat and the thing is just whizzing past)
:thinking: Maybe I lack
C) a multitasking brain!? :woman::upside_down_face:


Haha ninja_with_onions! Love the chameleon comparison.

True, I’m not sure how it would work with hundreds in the chat, but I’ve been watching kdramas with my sister for the last few years. We watch the shows on our separate devices (TV or laptop). When something happens that I want to react to, I type it away on the phone to send to her while still reading the subs on the laptop. Soooo yeah, I’m probably not typing as fast as I could be since I’m multitasking :slight_smile: Anyway, I really enjoy sharing my thoughts as I’m watching a drama. I would love to try it out at a watch party.


lol, My bad typos are even worse during watch parties… And it’s a good thing I am opposite of cross-eyed and have eyes in the back of my head so I can keep track of what’s going on… (Like we KNOW she’s lying! No way can she simultaneously read the chat conversations and watch the show)… liar liar pants on fire! :laughing::sunglasses:

Yea, It’s a mess but a FUN mess! the peanut gallery comments are a whole bunch of fun. The only problem is if you are too good at guessing what will happen next the moderator will SILENCE YOU for spoilers! EVEN if you are talking about a DIFFERENT SHOW! Like we were talking about Train to Busan and I said Gong Yoo died and BOOT! :rofl::smirk::zipper_mouth_face:


Ooo yes, giving away a major spoiler during live chats about shows, a potential pitfall I hadn’t considered before. Easily done I’m sure.
Yet another thing to overload my non-multitasking skills with, filter in real time if what I’m about to send is a spoiler. Nope! My brain has just walked out on me in protest. :smile:


Binge watching shows is a guilty pleasure not shared by the rest of my household. They don’t like reading subtitles, so stick with what’s on western TV, but oh, they are missing out on so much!
I guess it would be nice to share my thoughts and enthusiasm for these dramas in chats with like minded people whilst they are streaming, sort of like timed comments but in real time, better than the outburst of laughing heard from my room “shared” with the others in the family. Luckily they can’t hear tears running down my face at sad scenes (almost as good as the way the actors and actresses can cry rivers on demand during filming)
However, I do doubt if my gushing like the front row of a BTS concert at a particular actor/actress would really contribute positively to the mix, with chat quickly degenerating to such offerings as “PHWAAARRR!” or :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: !



ahhh whyyyy :persevere:


I. LOVE. fun messes!!!

The spoiler situation is one I didn’t think of. Do people get time after the show to hang around and share their theories on how future episodes will unfold? Because that’s what I used the episode comment section for, to share my opinion on the current episode and what might happen in the future.


:rofl::rofl::rofl:…YES! They are missing out! It took me years to convince my sister to give kdrama a try, and she gave in on day (it was shocking!). It’s been our bonding time ever since, because we don’t live together anymore.

THE TEARS! YES! :joy::joy:Thank goodness they’re silent. My husband makes it his duty to make fun of me when he sees me crying over a show, so I try to hide it if I’m watching something while he’s awake. My sister knows me so well…she can accurately predict when I’m crying 98% of the time. So our whatsapp convo would be like this:
Sister: Don’t cry
Me: Too late!! :sob::sob::sob:
Sister: :roll_eyes:

It’s really nice to talk to someone that GETS ME. If you ever attend a watch party (hopefully it becomes available to non-US residents soon), let me know. You’re funny :slight_smile:


Ha Ha! Your sister can do nothing more than roll eyes.


Wellllll. Most people say goodbye and leave enmass, like me, so I don’t really know. They give you 15 minutes to finish talking. Others seem to try to be making arrangements to hook up elsewhere but I haven’t really paid attention. I say goodbye and get out because I am tired of sitting at in a chair at my desk and go back to my big tv and put my feet up. :grinning:


O okay, that sounds like a good setup. 15 minutes is all I need :slight_smile:


As long as you don’t talk kpop, or ARMY, then you’ll get muted. lol Cuz those fans can monopolize the chat rather than talk about the show… :slight_smile: