Can we please get a new Viki mail server?

@brendas Hello! Could you please make a request on behalf of us contributors to the Viki Site Designers? We would like the Viki mail server either fixed and upgraded or moved to a modern platform that allows us to bulk delete our old mail and sort our new mail without crashing the Viki mail server and the Viki website. The errors are driving us up the wall. We can’t do our work because we can’t see our messages.


Most of my contributor friends are not able to get into their Viki mail and read more than one or two messages because of constant errors. This has been an ongoing issue for a long time and is very annoying. We have to go away for a time and try to read our mail again at a later time.

Please help us! :pray: :prayer_beads: :palms_up_together:


The worst part was when I was about to send an invite out, added everyone in the email, and then clicked send to find out it was a “429 too many requests” error. All I could do was to wait until the next day to redo again and delay the work progress.


As a jr sensei when sending recommendations to my students I sometimes have to send the message in more than one part. And I also experience the same problem as @porkypine that I sometimes can’t read or delete more than one message after another.


We all have this problem and with this shity 429 error, which we have since months, it’s not getting better. Lucky me has this 429 not often, but always to the wrong time


It really is the most inefficient messaging service even when it’s working properly, but then you add in the dreaded 429 error after opening and/or deleting only a couple messages. I even got the 429 error for what I assume was scrolling through my inbox too quickly, because that’s all I was doing at the time. And while Viki likes to suggest clearing cache and cookies for problems such as this, I will point out that my browser automatically clears them every time it is closed, so that is not a contributing factor.


Yes viki get us a new viki email. Thank you


Of course, if only… :thinking: :tired_face: :yawning_face:

Please upgrade, revamp or redesign. Please make it functional and user-friendly for individuals and groups. It’s been on our wish list and your backburner for too long. Many have spoken in the past, and many now are speaking up again.
:pray: :face_with_peeking_eye:


I’m a segmenting sensei and I use the Viki inbox to communicate with my students. As Maria mentioned, it was already annoying to have to split my feedback to the student in multiple messages due to the limit, but now with the 429 error I can’t even reply to them. Luckily some have d.iscord and I’m able to contact them there, but it’s not like that for everyone.
Lately I can read or delete only 2 or 3 messages before it crashes, it’s quite frustrating. I can’t even imagine how bad it is for those that get 10 times the amount of messages that I get. :cry:


I wanted to add, that I am a level 5 Segmenting Sensei. Level 5 teaches how to adjust and combine multiple languages.

Since Viki Mail has a small character limit and does not allow screen captures, it constrains my ability to communicate with my students when grading their work. I’ve resorted to using Google docs to post screen captures. Seeing an example is often better than mere text when teaching. Viki’s archaic mail system is incapable of sending screenshots. The low functionality of Viki’s mail server inhibits our ability to teach.

My biggest issue is that I can’t see my student’s homework submissions because I can’t read my Viki mail.

When we get the Too Many Requests error, the other viki links also fail.

Please help us. :pray: :prayer_beads: :palms_up_together:


I’ve been having the same problem for 2 weeks, I can’t even respond to anyone who sends me messages. Sometimes it returns to normal but once the page is updated the 429 error returns!:slightly_frowning_face:


There is no way to sort or to search the messages by topic so we could batch delete.


Now that we’re on it, let’s also replace TD with something made by Viki so that we can communicate on a platform that actually works for everyone.


Here are my suggestions. I went through them again right now, and sadly the problems mentioned are all still there (plus the Error 429):

Feel free to comment with your own views or additional suggestions!


I would be very grateful if anyone from Viki could take some time to fix this, it happens almost everyday.


I want the old Viki mail back. I want to be able to search a specific nickname or mail. I want to read the old messages!! Please!


I would like to join this plea :pray: Pretty please, Viki, please…