Can we please turn off the AUTOPLAY to the next VIDEO!

@camiille @anon20195650

As a volunteer and fan, the autoplay from one video the next is now a bit of a problem for a couple of reasons.

  1. As a volunteer, I can’t get the video to swing back into the same episode I am still editing - instead, it throws me ahead into the next episode! Trying to rewind currently yields less than consistent results. The “watched” label goes on and…it’s going to be a 10-minute fight to try to get back the same episode. :frowning:

  2. As a fan…well…now…it’s a struggle to get the end of an episode to play. Why is this important? Take a drama like Ice Fantasy with it’s amazing OSTs that vary with the episode, NIF, Song of Phoenix, I want to hear LI SAO all the way through…I want to hear Ma Tianyu sing…I want to hear Hu Ge! We also put on the previews on some dramas at end of episode - all subbed in and lovely, and those too are now tossed aside!

Condor too has great end lyrics. Our end lyrics are being lost to viewers who then frantically try to get it back…only to have it keep thrusting them forward into the new episode!

So could we please roll back this feature OR put a nice AUTOFORWARD On/OFF switch on the console with the play and other buttons? :slight_smile:

And do this on the Roku app too please?

Thank you for hearing and possibly adding that on/off switch. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the LampPOOF!

Also consider posting to the support pages.



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Actually, there is one. Indeed, it’s annoying.
Or maybe you don’t talk about that? Did I misunderstand?

(shaking head) it took me several tries to get the button to shut off - and it tried to forward me to the next video while I tried to shut it off.

I have to say that also Netlfix uses this aggravating feature, and stopping any of this juggernaut behavior is frustrating.

As a volunteer, it just makes it much harder to get back to a video, and it makes me wonder if we should STOP SUBBING the previews and end OST entirely - maybe even the start. :frowning: But that would be not fair to those who manage to get this feature turned OFF.

Some dramas also have unusual starts - we have had a couple of historicals who changed their ways at the start - or changed who sang an OST - one drama has FOUR OSTs…!

Are people really having so much trouble using a fast-forward and need this to happen to make it faster?

Merci, Anna and Xomachi for your responses.

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