Can we think about another way to tags the dramas?

i watch a lot till years and sub sometime but i can see a change that i want to discuss with you : the pic of the drama’s in the general pannel, when you arrive on viki, become more en more “for romantic drama’s” and for “chinese dramas”.
Well, it’s a choice but no the reason people like me are watching dramas till years.

Drama’s with a deep plot like under the curtain , _ navillera_, _ move to heaven_ have my preference but how to find them now on viki ? I know some of them are not watchable on viki but it’s a pity.
Do the others plateforms - where i don’t want to subscribe - attracted more the general drama ?
Can we think about another way to tags the dramas ? Can we add tags about thematics and not only the genre and the presence of an idole or not ?
Taggs exemple for Under the curtain : history N/S Korea - family
Tags for Animal Beauty (japanese drama) : make up - love - life at work
So that people who don’t care about the romance and who care about the plot and the background can be happy on viki too ? :slight_smile:

And can we have others pics choices ? It’s only "couple photos " all over the screen on the general pannel : how to distinguish easily what can be different in a drama with another ?? The summaries are quite superficial some times… or wrong abou the plot.
So ?



Great suggestion! :smiley:

I like many of the tags used in MyDramaList, such as:

  • Friendship
  • Strong Female Lead (Actually I’d like this tag to be called Kick-as$ Woman, but that’s another story)
  • Slice of Life
  • Second Lead Syndrome etc.

Real examples under.


I completely agree with this! I noticed these tags a while ago. I had no idea they were a thing before and I have to say I think they’re a great idea and very helpful. If sometimes you want to watch a certain vibe or a see a certain trope, but you don’t know how to search for it, this is of so much help. I really enjoyed the fact that the main leads in “A Good Day to Be a Dog” were teachers, for example, so I loved that there’s a whole tag dedicated to it in MDL where there’s a list of other dramas with main characters as teachers.