Can you help me find the name of this K-Drama?

I watched this drama maybe about 10 years ago, and cannot remember the name. I think I viewed it on Viki (pre-Rakutan) but I’ve scrolled through almost every Korean drama on the site and still cannot find it. This is driving me crazy!

The best I can do is to describe it, and maybe someone with a better memory than me can identify it. Hopefully my description is reasonably accurate.

The drama consisted of very short episodes, maybe 5 to 10 minutes in length and the entire drama could be viewed in about an hour or two.

The cast consisted of a man, his girlfriend, and another woman who worked at the same school (?) as he did.

He and his girlfriend did not really speak to one another, although you would see them together. The impression is that there was trouble in the relationship and they were on the verge of breaking up.

His coworker liked him, made overtures of friendship, and was concerned about his melancholy.

He was tracking an upcoming date on the calendar, and when the date arrived he attempted suicide by wading into the ocean (or lake).

There was a huge twist at the end as he recovered from the suicide attempt, which completely changed the impressions of all the previous episodes.

I know it’s sort of vague, but can anyone recognize the drama?


Sorry, It’s not familiar to me. Good luck!

Are you sure about the ten years ago?
I can’t recall any web dramas at Viki from that time.

Let’s see what dramas were and are still at Viki:
Can You Hear My Heart? geo-restricted for some
Kimchii Family
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Heaven’s Garden
Lie To Me
Midas - geo …
Miss Ripley - …
My Princess
Padam, Padam …
Protect the Boss
Scent of a Woman

Sorry, even trying to recall it that way, no web-drama comes to my mind.

@vivi_1485 @kdrama2020ali
I think one of you has a tendency to watch short or web dramas, but I am not sure, but some avoid older ones so, anything you recall?


I do like web dramas - of course I’m not familiar with some of the 10 years and older ones but I’ll look and see. I did watch Scent of a Woman and loved it and it was older but not short.

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Someone from the K-Drama reddit was able to give me the name. The movie was:
“immutable law of first love” starring kim jeong hoon & song ji eun.

Thank you for reading my query and the suggestions!


I don’t think I’ve watched anything that was made 10 years ago… my limit is usually 2015. So I won’t be helpful here :slightly_frowning_face:

Your description sounded vaguely familiar, but I just couldn’t recall. So glad our curiosity was solved.

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Hi, there! You seem to be new here, so just a quick note for you. One post in one thread is enough, I am sure someone will remember that series. I have no clue though, sorry.

I have not watched any kdrama with Alzheimer’s Disease. Maybe this can help you.