Can you read Hangul but don't feel ready to subtitle yet?

I am very enthusiastic about viki’s Learn mode and am recruiting people who can read Hangul to help put in Korean subtitles so that more dramas will be available in Learn Mode. Even if you may not feel fluent enough to subtitle from Korean to another language, if you can read and write Hangul and have some listening comprehension, won’t you join me in adding Korean subtitles? As most of the dramas I’m interested in have subtitles in many languages other than English, you don’t even have to know English fluentlyl as long as you are fluent in one of the already subtitled languages and can read Hangul.
Pm me please.


From reading to understanding what you are listening to is a huge leap! Ask any language teacher…
Sometimes it’s hard to understand what people are saying in your own language…

I am also enthusiastic about learn mode, and very grateful to the Hangul transcribers, so I hope that many people respond to your call.

I can read Hangul but understanding what I read is a whole different story :sweat_smile:
But I can use some practice to improve my hearing and reading skills as I’m snail when it becomes to reading hangul and trying to understand.


I think it’s a good idea to have more Korean-Korean subbers. That way, non-fluent Korean-English subbers will have less trouble figuring out what’s being said. I remember in one drama an English subber had confused the word 분노 (anger) with 분명 (clear). So then the original sentence was 'Then I got angry" and the English sentence became ‘Then it became clear to me’ .So adding Korean subs will definietly be helpful.


Sorry, this is a year late. But are people really doing this? It sounds like it would be detrimental to Learn Mode. If someone only knows how to read Korean, they’re likely to hear the wrong things or just spell words wrong. I know Koreans raised in the US who can hear everything just fine, but spell horribly. It’s not that easy. This might be good practice for those trying to participate, but not for those using the product they create in Learn Mode.
Just my two cents…

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We often have the privilege of seeing the scripts which are provided to viki by the broadcasters.   I think if the spelling is off it will be discovered in Learn Mode if the user clicks on the word and the learn mode look up function can't find the word.  Even if there may be errors here and there, I believe in lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness.  How can the people using an official script spell wrong?

Ah. Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a script. Were you just talking about transferring the script to Korean captions, for others to translate later?

The Korean captions can be really valuable

  1. for Korean-English translators, but also
  2. for learn mode, for Korean learners, and of course
  3. for the hearing-impaired Koreans (or generally people who know Korean better than English).
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Thanks Irmar.
Very often, we get the script after the upload – sometimes a few hours later, sometimes days, weeks, months or even years later. Once in a great while we get the script while we are still doing the English subtitles so they are a great help in the subtitling process. When we are fortunate enough to get the script, then I recruit people to input the Korean captions for Learn Mode.

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Isn’t it strange that for “Beethoven Virus” it’s not allowed to input Korean subs? There were some to begin with, very few, but this means that once upon a time there was no restriction.

For a long long time, we couldn’t directly input Korean subtitles on most K drama, but inputting of Korean captions was okay. Go figure!!!
And sometimes, I have had to “fool the system” as when I tried to choose the To Language as Korean, the choice was grayed out. But if I first chose 한국어 (Korean in Hangul) as the From language, then the system allowed me to subtitle in Korean. Sometimes in the past we would input Korean in the “lol” Language option and just made sure that whoever was contributing Korean knew where to input it and whoever was using the Korean knew where to look for it.