Can't log in with facebook

i suddenly can’t log in with facebook anymore, does anyone else have this problem?
i checked if the other options still work, and those work fine, only the facebook option does not work.
now i can’t log in and translate, i am the moderator for three shows, and now i can’t talk with the people that are helping me with those shows.

@vikicommunity, could you maybe look into this?

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Is it working now?
Sometimes it is just like a temporary bug.

Always check here

If it is a known problem that will stay for longer, they will “announce” it there. (Sorry, couldn’t find a better word for now.)

P.S. Often when you are logged in here at discussion via your viki account, there is only the log in function faulty, but you might actually still be seen as logged in, even if you do not have access, sounds surreal? I know but it happens somehow and once in a while.

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Still not working, but thank you for the links!

It is working again! I can log in again with Facebook!


These things tend to happen. I recommend you also create your own Viki account. Anyway, I’m glad it works now.

Oke, but how would I do that if all my work is on the one linkt to Facebook? How would I make one but still have all the data from the one linkt to Facebook?

Update: nvm, found out that a normal account has been made when I first logt in with Facebook, just found that out


I would change your login using a gmail account instead of facebook. OR set up an alternate email access.

I found out my account is linkt with Facebook AND google, but I chanced the password, so now I can just log in using my email