Can't remember the title

Hey, so I’ve been trying to remember the name of a series I watched a while back. I can’t remember much detail, I know, not helpful.

I mostly remember it’s a single woman raising her sister’s son, but he calls her Mom because of an incident that happened at school when he was little. The mom comes back after numerous episodes and takes her kid back.

If you can help, I’d really appreciate it.

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I will check that out, I am thinking of two that may be possible. 1. (maybe), you are too much
2 something like , a secret, 3 and I think theres another in almost that same story.

The only thing that comes up to my mind is “Moon Hee” :relaxed:

Was it a Korean drama? I saw a Taiwanese story like this, and it was a great drama.

I haven’t seen You Are Too Much, so it’s not that. What’s the second title? A Secret?

It may have been Taiwanese, but I think it was Korean. Do know the name of the drama you’re thinking of?

I haven’t seen that, but it looks interesting.

Sorry it was here on viki a long time ago but I don’t see it now. I can’t remember the title of any Asian dramas. I just started to write down in my notebook the title of the drama/movie so I don’t forget them, and I write small notes next to them. I also rate them as 10 if I like them and so on.

I wished I had thought about this a while back. I’ll keep looking on other sites.

Hello everyone. I’ve been wracking my head over the title of this drama and I can’t seem to be able to remember it.

The FL saves a boy from drowning when they were kids. There was another boy(the brother of the drowning boy I think), who was sitting there nearby but unable to help his bro because he was scared. Little girl FL just jumps in and saves the boy. When they’re older, the FL mistakes one guy for the other. :sweat_smile: That’s all I remember. Could someone help?

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I remember watching it - it was a C-drama.

But now …
Maybe Oh! My Sweat Liar, I do not have the time to look into it. The 2nd thought it might be an Ariel Lin drama, but I am less certain on this, could it be - I Will Never Let You Go?
There still could be another one in the mix, but I don’t know the title either for now.

P.S. One I have watched in that time span as well is - I’ve Fallen For You

P.P.S. Are we talking about this scene, 2 boys and 1 girl, — wait, are we on the historical side (or modern) — okay, back to the scene I am thinking of, about two brothers/cousins/friends and a girl playing and one boy falls into the water, the other boy doesn’t want to go into the water, but the girl does and saves him. However, in her memory she forgets his name, or it is mixed up with the other boy’s name. The kids get separated, but the girl is looking for her “boy”.


Ahh thank you! I remember now, because of your description! It’s that weekend drama with Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyun Sik in it! It’s What Happens to my Family! :sweat_smile:


Haha, absolutely a C-drama!!! :wink: Well, if we got it in the end it is all good and now that you said it - I remember that there was a - she should be my girl - originally - too.


I am trying to remember a Korean tv drama about a young man that gets an offer to work as a caregiver for an old man that turns out to be his grandfather. When he was born, someone kidnaped him from the hospital and took him home and the kidnapers wife raised him as her son. He inherits everything after his grandfather dies but does not kick out his aunt and her son. In the end I think he enter a competition with his aunt’s son for the inheritance of a fashion company.


The drama you’re looking for is:

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