Can't see my Favorites or Projects?

Everytime I try clicking on the Favorites or Projects, it says “Oh no! Something went wrong.
Please try refreshing this page. If the problem persists, please contact our Help Center.”

This has been happening for a while. Anyone else???


Same for me. Today it didn’t work at all. And it doesn’t matter if it’s my own or from somebody else. They just don’t show up. Seems like we have to report it to the Help Center.

I’ve put in a request, but they’re pretty busy these days. Lets see then. I hope its fixed soon, since I just made some channels and won’t be able to work on the Channel Walls.

Yep same here must be a bug…

I got a reply. It’s been forwarded to the engineering team. Hope its fixed soon.

it´s the same for me, I refresh the page and works

Same for me :frowning:

Same for me too for 2 days and even I refresh it still the same.

The same for me for 2 days, even if I refresh the page doesn’t work.

It’s working for me now. Everyone else should try checking now.

Mine too is working :slight_smile:

I think in these days only Hammy’s owner likes to see him.

I’ll let Viki Support know.

Me too. The thing is that now I can’t even put a request cuz I can’t get on Viki’s help center and when it does work, one page (p. 4) constantly gets an error message and 2 others have blanks on them. Does that also happen to any1 else?

Try emailing them instead I guess. That isn’t happening to me, but maybe others are experiencing the same thing.

Thanks. They actually reached out to me and are trying to solve this. I really hope it gets resolved for all of us.

same here cant get into my profile or favorites

I didn’t find it but someone was suggesting to switch to Viki Pass from the top bar menue, on the Viki Pass page the selection for favorits, aso. still works.

yes favorites is working in Vikis pass window thanks. my profile pic is in the same place off to the right.

LOL I think I irritated you, what I didn’t find was the former comment with the suggestion. :wink: