Careful about what you reveal on "Social" and elsewhere on the web

No, no, my dear, I never said you offended me. I was also surprised at the sudden quantity of the posts, but I just thought you had lots of free time and were a bit bored so you thought why not socialize a bit. I didn’t give too much thought about your motives.
My only purpose on writing this post is that people should be aware when posting, because we tend to write without thinking.
And it wasn’t only your posts and those of other people on social.
The conversation between Linda and me (the one you wanted to bury) made me understand that, here and there, we all post various little things that, if someone takes the trouble to look back and search, and gathers everything together, could give quite a lot away.
If you look not so much here but on the pages of dramas, not only in the comments below the video but even in the timed comments, you will be amazed at the amount of people who react emotionally to a situation in a drama and comments saying that they’ve also gone through a divorce, they are also a child of divorced parents, they are also adopted, they have issues with their parents and spouses, talk about their children and love life, about their health problems… Incredible, isn’t it?
I’ve started to look at my own postings as well, and I started to delete things that I thought too personal… but I know I won’t have the patience to complete the job.
This realization happened to coincide with my boss asking me to delete her birth year from the web, and how difficult it was to do it.
(And let’s not even start talking about Facebook)
So it wasn’t only one thing (your posts in Social) but a combination of three different things which happened at the same time, that triggered those thoughts, making me ponder about privacy on the web. Some people may not care about anonymity, others may be very careful, and others may not care now but they might care later. What is obvious is that it’s very easy to put information out there and very difficult to take it back in case you want to take it back.
That’s why I wanted to point out to people, remind them (because most of them know it already) that of course they can do what they want - and of course nobody forces them - but they should just be aware of what they’re doing, make an informed choice.
Just as simple as that. So don’t read anything more in it and don’t feel you have the need to defend yourself. I absolutely know it was done innocently (I have also written that in my first post) and I never felt offended in any way. I apologize if it sounded that way, but it was not my intent at all. In any case, the responsibility lies with the person who answers, not the person who asked the question.


P.S. Here in Greece there is a well-known crystal healer, who has (or rather had) quite a large collection of crystals, built over the years, some of which very expensive. Last year she posted on Facebook that the following weekend she would be attending a big event, an alternative therapies festival, abroad. How innocent is that? Well, that weekend while she was away someone broke into her house and stole all her crystals.

About the P.S. There is no internet needed, if you do a job that needs events and you publish printed flyers, there is still a chance your house will see a thief coming in.
It’s sad as it is there are many looking for obituaries and will look when the house is empty and break in.

Either you need a trustworthy housesitter or good anti-burglary protection.

Right now in Germany there are cases where people sell used things via a portal, I am not giving names here.
They give all the infos a thief needs, where they live and which times they are not at home, so they can not meet the potential buyer. At the end they won’t sell a thing, but will get it stolen. Since it is known what belongings of interest they have. So yes, be careful is one point, be prepaired is the other point.

I am speaking partly of experience, since my family once experienced a burglary at times with no internet, when I was taking a turn on my way home to pick up my father. And I was rushing to go home. He was joking “Should I dial our number, do you think anyone will pick up the phone?”
I couldn’t laugh about it, and my dad later didn’t either as a window was jimmied and you might think over the years the things that were lost are one thing, but the feeling of your “home” won’t be the same anymore.

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I’m really so sorry about what happened to your father. My best friend’s parents went through this. They were on holidays and someone emptied the whole house, including their clothes and furniture. I can totally understand how traumatic it must be!

It was not her own event, she just participated at a festival/convention/something abroad (I don’t remember exactly, but it was something with participants from all over the world), so she didn’t need to advertise it at home.

ok everyone, my 3 cents worth, all of you are right, this is a senior citizen here, and yes I must be very careful in everything. esp. those forums, facebook etc. I have to admit I really don’t get out much, which I guess I should, be it this forum, or facebook, Drama fever or any other , this is my outlet, to meet these “wonderful” people all around the world. Yes watch what you put on these sites. Ok I did the cooking, the pets and a lot of them is intriguing like where are you from, so innocent enough, but… I don’t put personal stuff on here enough for anyone to know who I am , at least I don’t think so. I do get leary when someone asks for phone # or email, I have a email that I give other than the one I do use. like I said all of you are right, but when you can’t trust anyone anywhere or what ever, then should we close down shop, keep to ourselves, and not communicate at all? There has got to be a “fine line” tho do this,I think. there are people that do want to get out and meet others, yeah like me. so whats wrong in doing a recipe, telling about the dog or cat? even those favorite movies and so on? yeah whos your favorite actor & actress, fave movie and such. so I may be the senior, but to be sure letting down our guard is an ongoing thing. I hate to think that I will quit any forum, facebook or whatever because I don’t trust people? something just isn’t right. what Mr barnham said sucker born every minute, oh I do put myself in that category occasionally. I am a diabetic, and you just don’t know how many people out there fall for those schemes(Yeah) to fight back diabetes and so on, and if you like green smoothies, that was one I did fall for. and I gave them my other email. thank goodness I did, what we call spam?? anyway, all of you are right. we just have to wise up, be careful of whats being said, heres an old thing; STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, if it doesn’t sound true it probably isn’t. Stuff like that.ok again all of you are right, just be careful is all. off my soap box.:heart_eyes:

On other forums, we always find many categories, even in game forums and my topics can be find there in the same theme.
I can go in a pet forum, I will find people giving their mail or number to buy a pet or photos of them.
I can go on a cooking forum, I will find people sharing recipes or tips.
On blogs, people introduce themselves briefly.
On websites, we can find diaries or biographies where people are using an username for privacy.
On Tinder, people talk without meeting them first and what can happen afterwards ?
In a bar, cafe, train, waiting room, we can meet someone and have an interesting conversation. But what do we know about these people that we meet for the first time ?
the response of these sites aren’t as good. I like responses, personal if you will. interchange ,I think thats what I want to say, I am in the small dogs, allfreerecipes, yeah crochet sites, even genealogy(ancestry & family history) but the response , I really want interaction! does that make sense? one of the biggest is LINKEDIN, this one is huge and you can really find info & personal info, this is a finding a job forum. so yes just be careful of what you put on these sites. sorry for being lengthy!