Cdrama lovers, what are you watching now in Viki?

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I have struggled a bit with C-dramas. I am getting into a few more slowly. I like history and fantasy but there are times when those get a bit long and they lean more that way. I love and need to finish Wu Xia: Monster Killer, Love Me if You Dare, Love Now ( I enjoy George Hu), Love O2O.

Recently, I watched Love So Beautiful and Side by Side with you. I liked both. Oh, When a Snail Falls in Love was very good. Murphy’s Law of Love was OK. I am in the middle of watching Dr. Qin: Medical Examiner. I want to see the Seige in the Fog

As far as movies, I have watched Never Gone Thank you, Kris Wu and Fall in Love Like a Star.

I didn’t realize until this post that I had seen this many.

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I am watching two c-drama’s at the moment. A medical drama called ‘Surgeons’ and a high school/teen drama called ‘the big boss’.

Storywise, I like ‘Surgeons’ a bit more, but the story development is a bit slow. ‘The big boss’ is a silly drama in which the main character has a very lively fantasy, but the story has a quick tempo.

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I really enjoyed Lion Pride. Yen Tsao is a new actor for me, and I found his portrayal of Wang Qiang engaging. He and Amanda Chou had great chemistry. I was tickled to watch Lawrence Liu in a new drama, he was such a cutie in The Perfect Match. Oh, and the OST was wonderful, so fitting for the story.

If you enjoy Dr. Qin: Medical Examiner, and are a mystery/fantasy fan, you certainly will like Love Me If You Dare, from the writer of Nirvana in Fire and Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin.

:heart_eyes: Oh my, some of the expressions from Derek Chang are priceless.

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@aznative I couldn’t imagine playing his character by someone else, I want a boyfriend like him, lol :heart_eyes: even if it were for a short time, you live only once :blush:

Yes, I understand what you mean. I find a lot of prospective sons-in-law, but my daughter doesn’t always agree, but I’m sure she would in the case of Derek Chang. :blush:

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I’m watching this drama with 25 episodes and I like that is different from others. I have to skip some parts that I feel are not interesting enough. But overall I highly recommend it.

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@angelight313_168 Yes! :heart_eyes: I am in love with this Drama :blush:

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Eu recomendo o drama chines Pretty man (belo homem), é muito bom para quem gosta de um romance e casamento de fachada.

Bloody Romance. Wow. Big themes, great action, tender romance, limited scheming women and palace intrigue. Give me more, I’m hooked.

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I can’t keep up there are so many running or just finished…

  • Ever Night
  • Oriental Odyssey
  • Story of Ming
  • White Haired Witch
  • Story of Yanxi
  • King of Blaze
  • Bloody Romance
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I’m just getting into Cdramas because of Ever Night :smiley:
-Ever Night
-Nirvana in Fire
There are a lot of Cdramas coming out that I would like to see, too

The Story of Minglan <333