Cdrama lovers, what are you watching now in Viki?

Since Viki hasn’t been getting any decent cdramas recently, what are you currently watching now in Viki?

For me it is Sparrow. One of the last really good licenses by Viki and thankfully the subbers didn’t give up on it. Thank you subbers!


Sparrow is still on my list to watch!
I also recommend highly “Decoded” I think that was a super awesome drama and I loved the actor!
Song of Phoenix I need to finish I got stuck somewhere at 18 episode…
and there are other recently added historicals…
Personally, I don’t like much the modern Cdramas, I prefer the historicals or the 1900 era, I really like also Battle of Changsa which was axed :frowning: or something with “Desert”… and too bad Red Sorghum is gone too…
One thing is when a drama is 50+ episodes long… it takes a lot to finish them… currently Im still working on Nirvana in Fire :sweat: that I need to finish watching as well…


I highly recommend Rookie Agent Rouge, if you haven’t watched it.


I loved Sparrow… I am starting Princess Agents… You should watch Medical Examiner Dr Qin if you haven’t already… It is a bit graphic with the dead bodies but the acting and characters are great and there will be å 2nd season


I saw Rookie Agent Rouge and I liked it ^^

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Loving Princess Agents right now. I saw Dr. Qin already, it was good. I am just sad that the second season won’t have the same actors.

did they change all of them? I know Zhang Ruoyun is in the long drama Fated General that started filming this year so I am not sure if he was able to be in season 2 since they wanted to start filming in April 2017

All I am watching on this channel of late is what I am editing - and I will say one is very underrated. A Scholar Dream of Woman is excellent. :slight_smile: The other two are fun as well and waiting on videos to arrive for another. it’s all good. Thankfully they’re fun and good to watch. Editing - you really have to keep watching them. :slight_smile:

Elsewhere - I am watching The Advisors Alliance (have to) and Qin Empire (2012 series - said to be excellent!). I was watching Three Kingdoms (2010) to prep for AA. Set aside to watch AA.

Hoping we get Rule the World and maybe Phoenix Warriors which looks intriguing. :). Who knows.

Moa Desaym


On Viki: nothing right now. Elsewhere: War of Kings (about the beginning of Han dynasty),The Qin empire, Ten miles of peach… and some old series about Yongzhen .I am curious. Advisors alliance = Nirvana in fire 2 ??? And where can I watch it?

The Advisors Alliance is NOT Nirvana in Fire 2 - that’s Wind Blows in Changlin. There’s a fan channel for NIF2 at present, it airs in December. We don’t have a license for it at the moment.

I had the fan channel for the Advisors Alliance, it was deleted with many of our other dearest hopes and dreams in Great Deletion 2, the Final Chapter. It is now being aired in 2 parts. It was originally 50 eps, then 60, now possibly as many as 84? The first half has aired, it’s 42 eps. You may see it on You Tube with English subs courtesy of other volunteers, it’s rough from what I saw - but it’s there. Part 2 will air in December - the name is Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon…!.

Naturally I have seen AA. part 1. The big fireworks will be in Part 2 - it is the story of Sima Yi. He’s a contemporary of Zhuge Liege…to help there. Three Kingdoms (2010) also gives us a version of the same man’s story. It’s excellent. Current rating for part 1 - 9.6. it lags in a couple small spots, but it’s clearly the set up for part 2. Liu Tao is amazing in this, you will have Nihuang flashbacks. :slight_smile:

By Qin Empire, you must mean Qin Empire: Alliance (2012). Excellent. Very different view of Qu Yuan and his Chu monarch than Song of Phoenix - and it takes the Qin angle vs the Chu and allies angle…:slight_smile: neither runs true to history, but both are fun. I think the Song of Phoenix Zhang Yi is prettier, but the Qin Empire one is compelling too.

The other drama you should take a serious look at is Tribes and Empire: Storm of Prophecy. I’ve seen 20 eps of the raw - and it’s excellent. Fantasy, about the Novoland universe. You may recall our fan channel that was removed here, Novoland: Castle in the Sky. This is much more than that. This…is…breathtaking. Give it a few eps, the first back story isn’t the best, but be prepared for filming like Lord of the Rings, seriously. DF has 2 eps today, with their (lacking) version of English.

Wait. :slight_smile: You should also probably see one modern one…Hu Ge’s “Game of Hunting”.

The last 2 are on Drama Fever with their version of subs. Not as nice as ours, but we didn’t get it, so there it is.

That’s what I’m watching right now, plus Rule the World, which I have the channel for but we have no license, and also Nothing Gold Can Stay.

The Buffet is open, people. :slight_smile:

What I watch here? My dramas where I am editing with my Team and bringing the older dramas to English and Other Languages. I may watch another one I helped segment on the K drama side.

I have some good older dramas as projects, just wish I had AA, and a list now that makes me sad to repeat it.

JIA YOU. Maybe we’ll get fortunate and get Great Expectations, airing Dec. 10th. Yuan Hong’s latest…

Find a way to watch the dramas you enjoy, and be happy, be merry, and be at peace.

GeNie of the Lamp

I actually slowly watching Nirvana in Fire as I missed it out somehow. From the shows I do govern I would highly recommend “Disguiser” (which, in my opinion, is a must-see drama) and “Decoded”. “Scholar dream of a Woman” is a great drama, as well, and the visuals/customs/family tension in it is pretty exquisite.

Since Viki does not cater to my tastes recently and all the dramas I really want to see are “out there” so I am forced to find my “sources of entertainment” outside lately so I am rather “hoarding” the dramas I will see one day. The titles will be the same as the ones mentioned already by my dear friends from here: Nothing Gold can stay, A love so beautiful, Oh my general, Tribes & Empires, Hunting Ground, Face-off, Your Highness Beauties & King, Rule the World and some web dramas.

I also went through some older lakorns lately (U-Series) and visited BL series such as 2Moons (uber-cute) and Advance Bravely (waiting for the 2nd season) and I will be on the lookout for the Darkmoon from the same genre.

I am a hoarder so I prefer to “gather and collect” rather than watch the dramas just when they air so I am still waiting for the moment when I will just sit down and watch them all :smiley:

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As for Cdramas I really prefer wuxia/historical, fantasy and spy thrillers like Decoded I don’t enjoy much the modern dramas and I can’t explain. On my list to watch:

  • finishing NIF
  • finishing Condor
  • started Tribes & Empires and Im utterly floored!!! :open_mouth: I really wished Viki got this one!!! :frowning:
  • I watched (not finished) Deer and the Cauldron and the Eunuch is just hilarious it’s a kinda comedy :wink:
  • I should watch Sparrow once I have more time
  • I hope Viki will get NIF2
  • Would like to see Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace on Viki
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I binged Fox’s Summer season 1 on here and I can’t wait for season 2. The interaction between the leads always made me laugh and smile.

A Seven Faced Man


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Hi, I’m a bit newer in watching Asian TV-shows and I watched a couple of Korean shows and an Japanese show (Cause I really love Japan and Korea) and than today I remembered the time as I started to listen to music from Taiwan and noticed I havn’t goten deep into Taiwan cause I don’t know, but it is a bit different to Japan and Korea and than I remembered that a friend of mine once told me how well Taiwanese drama is made in her opinion and I was searching for a new drama to watch, so I thought “Why not start a Taiwanese drama?” and so I started to watch “attention, Love!”

At first I thought that “Attention, Love!” wasn’t my cup of tea, because I thought that the Taiwanese TV-shows could be a bit different to the Korean shows and I could hate it (cuase the Japanese shows I saw was weird somehow and so I was a bit afraid that the Taiwanese would be like this too or that the drama could be boring^^) but I could really get used to it I gues^^

For them who didn’t watched “Attention, Love!” here is a little instruction to it:

Shao Xi, a though 17 years old Highschool student, with strange parents who allways dress up like a maffia boss and his love affair allways made it really hard for her in her entire life. They even allways said that it was the will of her great-grandfather that she and the son of a friend of her father will mary in the future, but she havn’t saw him in her entire life until the day her parent’s said that this boy, what should be her fiance is comming back from Japan to life at her home in Taiwan… (End of the instruction, cause I don’t want to put spoilers in)

@thegazettechan I’ve heard Lion Pride is a Good, Have you seen it? I Tried “Attention, Love!” but didn’t care
for。 lol

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Very glad to hear that Dr. Qin will have another go…really like procedurals like this. I know it’s been available, but I just finished it 2 days ago…LOVED the characters and want MORE…YAY!.. BTW thanks for the other suggestions.


other good Taiwanese shows…these are NOT new shows

Murphy’s Law of Romance

Just You

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Sparrow is a Must Watch :smile:


Try this one fluffy and funny drama for young and old with Ruby Lin :slight_smile:
Taiwanese Drama: