Cdrama Qing Ding San Sheng needs segmenters and subbers

Hello fellow Vikians!

I’m here to promote Qing Ding San Sheng, a Chinese drama that finished airing just recently. It depicts a tragic love story in which the heroine is stuck between two men, a tough outlaw and a rich young merchant. If you’re a fan of stolen identities, lots of angst, and love triangles, then this drama is just for you. Beware that the Second Lead Syndrome may strike and hit you with such force you may never get over it (yes, I do have a favorite!)

Please give the channel a visit if you are interested :smile:

And yes, I’m shamelessly trying to draw you in with kissy pictures :wink:

Hi everybody,
I’d like to ask if anyone knows if this drama have been or not on Viki… 'cause I’d really love to see it… but I can’t find it anywere :cry:
thanks ^^