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Born as the illegitimate son of a lowly maid, Huo Qubing became a member of the noble family by accident. He seized the opportunity, practiced horseback archery and turned into a young, brilliant and brave warrior.

Because the northen border area of Han was repeatedly harassed by the northern tribe Xiong Nu, Emperor Wu decided to fight back for defence. The 17-year-old Huo Qubing joined the army, made some surprised moves in the battle and was given the title of the “Marquess of Champion”.

After his first victory, Huo led the elite army of Han to fight against the tribe of Xiongnu deep in the desset. He defeated five Xiongnu tribes in six days and made great military exploits, like killing two Xiongnu Princes Zhelan, Luhou and capturing many Xiongnu nobles. Especially in the negotiation surrender of Prince Hunye, Huo rode into the enemy camp by himself, turned back the situation and accepted the surrender, which showed his great courage and insights. He was the hailed as “the God of the army”.

Finally Huo routed the main forces of Xiongnu army and went on to conduct a series of rituals upon arrival at the Khentii Mountains to symbolize the historic Han victory. His illustrious military successes safeguarded the peace of generations on the northern border of the Han Empire.

Number of episodes: 70
Airing: unknown
Cast: Zhang Ruo Yun, Alan Yu Meng Long, Johnny Bai Yu, Rachel Mao Xiao Tong, Victor Huang

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If you haven’t got enough of this trailer, here is a peak in the epic shooting of The Fated General (end of shooting was during September 2017):