Cdramas fan channels that FANS WANT LICENSED - We're hiring now!

@marykarmelina Hey MaryK, are you interested by making a post for Korean and Chinese fan channels seeking licence for half 2018 and 2019 as you’ve done for channels not on Viki? (I know I can’t keep it updated)

From fan channels to real channels:

Fan channel => Request licence => Follow the channel => Channel licensed in your country => Videos appear on Viki => Volunteers subtitle them

Chinese fan channels:




End of October 2018 or 2019?


[If you don't know who to contact](

@piranna Hi :slight_smile:
I with I could help but I already have 4 posts in my hands and trying to keep them updated as much as possible is already taking me time :tired_face:

But this post is a GREAT IDEA! Everyone can post what dramas they want to watch licensed here :wink:
If possible for you, can you please add Korean titles here too? :innocent:
Maybe your title post could be…
Cdramas & Kdramas fan channels that FANS WANT LICENSED - We’re hiring now!

Thank you for this post!

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It’s fine, 4 posts to update, that’s ugh… suicidal
I think we’ll do that, CM or someone in the team can make a post to add her own list to this topic with the year, month, trailer.

Let’s make 2 topics because some viewers don’t watch Chinese dramas so if each one is posting Korean then Chinese, then Korean, it would be a battlefield to read :slight_smile:

Thank you for your topics!


Thank you! :heart_eyes:
I’ll be visiting Kdramas fan channels that Fans want licensed for sure!

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I was wondering if this post can still be used?
If yes, I’d like to suggest two titles ^

Arsenal Military Acadeemy and The Untamed, I hope Viki will create fan channels for them and that they’ll get licensed!


Of course, it’s meant for that!
You can post more information about actors or dramas or story if you’d like.

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Thank you, I’ll do just that! I really hope viki will add these two dramas, I’m so excited to see them!

The Untamed belongs to the wuxia genre and is a drama in 45 episodes inspired to “Mo dao zu shi”, a BL novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (totally worth reading, I loved it to death!!). Unfortunately, I believe the drama won’t mantain the BL couple, but the cast is good and the plot is extremely interesting, so I hope people will help asking the license if the fan channel will be set up!
Here for more info:

As for Arsenal Military Academy (50 ep), I’m just gonna say Bai Lu (Untouchable Lovers, The Legends) and Xu Kai (Story of Xanxi Palace, The Legends); they are young but amazing on screen! I’m so excited to see them working together again after The Legends, and the plot of this drama seems so good I can’t wait for it to come out!
Check here for plot, general info and photos ^烈火军校/

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Hi@marykarmelina I wanna propouse try to get the license of c drama : Mars(I´m not sure if its chinese or taiwainese, White tower and Guang the movie a malay movie

i wanna see humans, my mowgli boy, scouring marriage and the best meeting. Hope to see all of them licenced on viki.