Celebs In Your Threads - Incognito?

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Your post makes me think now, are they in here! :smiley: ?


I met Bruce Willis when he was filming a movie where I lived at. He gave me a big smile and said bye to me as I stared at him, and I screamed that’s Bruce Willis!! I was like a kid when they give them candy, so happy. When I saw the movie in the theater, the house he was filming in looked nothing like it on the outside, so it turns out they add screens to cover certain parts, where he was filming there’s a Jewish cemetery and I didn’t see the cemetery in that scene and when I saw him he was filming in front of the cemetery.

I have seen Lucy Liu filming in my area and Lou gossett jr filming in Rockefeller Center and to this day I don’t know if my kids and I became extras in that movie because we were right next to them. Well that was before all this lockdowns…:cry:


:notes:A-mAzInG!!:notes: You’ve had multiple encounters! So extraordinary! ! (人*´∀`)。*゚+


Wow! I always took to him since his sitcom days with Cybill Shepherd, in Moonlighting. When he and Demi Moore divorced in real life (´;︵;`) I was sad they didn’t make it as a couple. His character roles are mostly action roles after Moonlighting, for the most part. Korean Actor, (。:heart::heart:。)(✿ :heart::heart:) Song Seung-Heon :star_struck: 송승헌 (。:heart::heart:。) considers Bruce Willis one of his favorite Western Actors. They both filmed together in China, and Korea.




It’s ironic how I know about this now. I’m gonna check HULU to see if they still have AIR STRIKE bc after certain time they remove the movies and add new ones. I know that Lee Min-jung/Husband Lee Byung-hun is praised and loved by many American actors/actress bc they say he’s such a pleasure to work with. I love that he does his own stunts too like Bruce Willis although Bruce Willis mentioned now he limits the stunts bc he wants to be there for his kids, and grow old with them. I love how supportive he is with ex-wife Demi Moore. This Christmas they spent christmas eve with all the kids, and his beautiful young wife. They all had matching PJ’s! CORRECTION: confused the stories it was a birthday party with wife now and ex wife birthday celebration and PJ was quarantine event with no ex that time.

Red Pajama party was JLo but don’t remember who was there… lmao large crowd though.


You can also check 송승헌’s IG if you’ve an IG - He post whatever he works on there:

I did see they spent the holidays together, but his current wife, and mother of his young ones, was stuck in California with their children due to lockdown.


That’s true! she wasn’t there she has spend other holidays with them and I thought she was there too. The kids were sick or something, right? But she has spend Holidays with them and is so beautiful to see that.



Something like that, people tried to give them flack for it, but they all were chill.

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I was talking about this one I saw on June 18, 2020 almost 2 months right after spending quarantine time back in April with ex and family. They look very loving together.

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Not in my threads but once when I was working retail Goldie Hawn came in to do some shopping, she was so sweet. And of course where there’s Goldie, Kurt Russel isn’t far behind.

Another time a family asked me for directions so I offered to give them a ride up the hill. At the time I didn’t watch much tv, one of the guys sitting in the back was trying to get me to recognize his brother, it wasn’t until years later I realized who it must have been. Cute blonde guy, starred in Harper’s Island. I had Matt Barr in my car.


Wow that was really awesome!


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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: If they read this post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Goldie Hawn is another of my down to earth stars, not all caught up in superficiallity.

:grin::grin::grin: If Matt Barr and his brother remember that day, they’ve got to think of you every time :blush::blush::blush:


Bruce most definitely has a type (✿^‿^)


Poor Mr. Russell, I hope he wouldn’t feel like an after thought, but for me it was all about Goldie, plus I spelt his name wrong. oops. :woman_facepalming:

It would be memorable, how often do you ask someone for directions and they give you a ride, I also had to quickly move booster seats to make room. But the conversation might have been one he wanted to forget, he seemed slightly embarrassed, not that I didn’t know him, but that his brother was trying to explain who he was.


:smile: Yea! I figured. No harm, no foul. You my dear, have a bigggggg <( ̄︶ ̄)> heart :heavy_heart_exclamation: (•‿•)


Don’t feel bad in my area we have such a big influx of actors/actress (especially from shows) some moved to this area, the moment they started building 1 and 3 million dollar condominiums. Also, in this area they filmed lots of movies/shows etc…so you see the crews filming and the dressing RB’s the actors change or rest (I peeked through a window and saw Lucy Liu) I felt so bad to invade the privacy like that…:worried::worried: I hope she didn’t get mad at me. I thought I was going to see just the make up chair, and staff.

Anyway, most of them smile as we pass them by, and my daughter always says; Mom, you know who just smile at us? Nope, I don’t. She forgets I don’t watch shows so the only one I recognized so far are a few (mainly older). I have seen Alec Baldwin and present wife riding in a bike they waved and said Hi so loud…Robert De Niro, and Woody Allen and young wife (no kids with them) My daughter use to be part of the staff of TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL so you get to see many actors young and old, and I also saw the young guy from SPIDERMAN. Feel blessed to have the pleasure to be around them and most of them are simple, sweet and so down to earth.

All this went on before the pandemic of course. I hope those days come back to us


Not exactly incognito :disguised_face: but interesting! You can find her on #YT. :wink::ok_hand:t5: & #IG

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What about you? Share your story Viki fan :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

ಡ⁠ ͜⁠ ⁠ʖ⁠ ⁠ಡ How about it? Do you have an incognito story to share? :coffee: Tea time!

This thread is about an incognito story, I’ve created a separate thread to share their real life celeb encounter stories.

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