Celebs In Your Threads - Incognito?


Who was/is the lucky fan? You’re in a thread, anywhere online, and recognize a celeb. Spill the tea☕(人*´∀`)。*゚+

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There is not much tea to spill but I’m a Michael Jackson fan and back in 2000/2001 his official site had a chatroom where we fans gathered to chat about his music and such and I believe I once chatted with him but I’m not 100% sure. One day I was just chatting with a person for a little while and the next day I woke up to the breaking news Michael had been in the chat the night before and his usernames he used in the chat leaked. One of those usernames was of the person I chatted with the night before. The source was trustworthy but you never know and nobody saw those names in the chatroom again. There already where some rumours he sometimes chatted there before it happened but since there where also a lot of fakers in there every day…


So exciting!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: OMGosh!


Funny I thought about this last night!!! Would be so fun if they were checking out Viki to see what us crazy girls are thinking! Oh, boy! I might be in trouble! hahahahahah!

I am the kind of person who has met famous people and been near them. However, if I saw them in the airport I would never rush them or scream or act stupid they just wanna be people and do their own thing. Now if you sat next to me on a plane! I’d chat with you!


:rofl::joy::smile: It is exactly why I am curious, and I’m secretly hoping we will get reveals here in our thread. I mean, they can always start a new incognito user name. Maybe for just a 🤏🏾hincy, bincy, bit, they will say, stay, and chat for a bit. Yea!


Yes I’m like that too. I value thier privacy. They are just people like you and me, they are only famous due their job. I saw a few celebs too and have a picture taken together with TJ from 3T (I saw them multiple times when they where in The Netherlands). Some people I know chased after a car when they left and I was looking at them like go ahead I see you later and waited untill they where done with their fangirl moment. And others slept outside hotels, that’s so not me. I still remember that when I went to JYJ in Berlin I went to go sightseeing with a few other fans. And one of them was on her phone the whole time with some people she knew trying to figure out their hotel. Eventually she asked us if we wanted to go to their hotel but lucky me nobody was interested in spending the day in front of their hotel otherwise I would have continued sightseeing on my own.


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In real life, one thing I found out, you never know, how you’re gonna respond :rofl::joy::joy::joy::rofl: I laugh hard, because, I’m laughing at my memory in 2019 :joy: OMGosh! :joy: I literally started whispering to them :joy: I can’t :joy: She came over and gave me a hug!! A hug!!!
The real life family of the sitcom “Meet the Browns” - Tamela Mann, her husband, and family were passing through LaGuardia Airport at terminal B, now all changed due to ongoing remodeling. Whew! I tell you, that was an experience.


How FUN! That was an awesome experience


I am not sure if any of you know/remember who the American actor Charles Durning is, but I once sat next to him on the airplane.

My daughter had the honor of meeting and speaking with the former First Lady Melania Trump as a member of Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good.


wowwww that’s so cool!! I’m constantly accidently meeting all sorts of famous people in my imagination :joy: it’s really entertaining to think up weird situations lol…I’m not the fan-fiction type, I don’t fantasize romance but just hilarious situations. it’s funny this topic came up because just last week I was wondering if any celebrities are secretly on here, since it’s an exclusive place to discuss Asian dramas. If so, Secret Celebrity, I’m sorry if I’ve unknowingly offended you :sweat_smile:


What was embarrassing about the plane ride sitting next to Charles Durning was that I didn’t even recognize him and he actually started a conversation with me and ended up offering to sign an autograph for me on my business card. I should have known that I would run into celebs traveling in first class, lol. With the former First Lady Melania Trump, I was in the Microsoft building in Washington, D.C. accompanying my daughter for a summit so I was actually in the same building with her. Unfortunately, only the Council members were allowed to meet the former First Lady. The security was no joke! The White House was nice enough to send the Council members official photographs taken with the former First Lady.


Oh gosh. I was only remembering politicians I had met that ended up getting elected… Movie stars! I almost forgot! Years and years ago, before he became well known (1980’s), we were in San Francisco, doing a promo at a theater where Eddie Olmos was appearing to promo his latest show. Something happened to his ride so we somehow ended up giving him a ride to the next destination somewhere in the Mission.

I can’t remember the name of the theater but it was the same theater that my mom said Vincent Price patted me on the head when I was a little kid. My disloyal #6 younger sister told me that was why I was weird. :laughing:


So fun! :joy::joy::smile::joy:
Your post makes me think now, are they in here! :smiley: ?


I met Bruce Willis when he was filming a movie where I lived at. He gave me a big smile and said bye to me as I stared at him, and I screamed that’s Bruce Willis!! I was like a kid when they give them candy, so happy. When I saw the movie in the theater, the house he was filming in looked nothing like it on the outside, so it turns out they add screens to cover certain parts, where he was filming there’s a Jewish cemetery and I didn’t see the cemetery in that scene and when I saw him he was filming in front of the cemetery.

I have seen Lucy Liu filming in my area and Lou gossett jr filming in Rockefeller Center and to this day I don’t know if my kids and I became extras in that movie because we were right next to them. Well that was before all this lockdowns…:cry:


:notes:A-mAzInG!!:notes: You’ve had multiple encounters! So extraordinary! ! (人*´∀`)。*゚+


Wow! I always took to him since his sitcom days with Cybill Shepherd, in Moonlighting. When he and Demi Moore divorced in real life (´;︵;`) I was sad they didn’t make it as a couple. His character roles are mostly action roles after Moonlighting, for the most part. Korean Actor, (。:heart::heart:。)(✿ :heart::heart:) Song Seung-Heon :star_struck: 송승헌 (。:heart::heart:。) considers Bruce Willis one of his favorite Western Actors. They both filmed together in China, and Korea.


It’s ironic how I know about this now. I’m gonna check HULU to see if they still have AIR STRIKE bc after certain time they remove the movies and add new ones. I know that Lee Min-jung/Husband Lee Byung-hun is praised and loved by many American actors/actress bc they say he’s such a pleasure to work with. I love that he does his own stunts too like Bruce Willis although Bruce Willis mentioned now he limits the stunts bc he wants to be there for his kids, and grow old with them. I love how supportive he is with ex-wife Demi Moore. This Christmas they spent christmas eve with all the kids, and his beautiful young wife. They all had matching PJ’s! CORRECTION: confused the stories it was a birthday party with wife now and ex wife birthday celebration and PJ was quarantine event with no ex that time.

Red Pajama party was JLo but don’t remember who was there… lmao large crowd though.


You can also check 송승헌’s IG if you’ve an IG - He post whatever he works on there:

I did see they spent the holidays together, but his current wife, and mother of his young ones, was stuck in California with their children due to lockdown.


That’s true! she wasn’t there she has spend other holidays with them and I thought she was there too. The kids were sick or something, right? But she has spend Holidays with them and is so beautiful to see that.


Something like that, people tried to give them flack for it, but they all were chill.