Certified and Licensed Badge

aha I’m certified… now time for the Licensed :slight_smile: edited now im Licensed … I appreciate the help guys… HF :slight_smile:



Although I don’t remember what one should do in that particular instance, the general rule is that you have to reply in some way or generally do something for the bot to respond. Otherwise, how will it know that you found the capybara?


I found out that once you search for “capybara” and you find the bot on the search; you have to click on the bot image or somewhere around there then you get the email from the bot. eh?! :upside_down_face:

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Strickly for laughs. Here are a few screenshots of my capybara tutorial. Alas’! I gave up, and chose to skip! But! I still got the certificate! :laughing::smile::joy:

Complete in your PM only.

This salutation below, kicks off the start of your Certificate Tutorial. Once completed, your next salutation starts the Licensed Tutorial.