Change in the type of comments that are being posted-sad

I just started using Viki again to watch dramas and I like to put on the streaming comments sometimes but I am disappointed in the change I see in the types of comments that are being posted. I used to be fun watching everyone’s comments but now so many of the comments are peppered with personal attacks against the actual actors or just disgusting sexual comments. I don’t mind some spicy comments back and forth when an actor is super smexy or when there is a shower or shirtless scene but the comments I am talking about are just low level graphic comments that don’t add anything to the conversation.The personal attacks go from how ugly the person is to attacks concerning their sexuality or gender identification. It would be nice to get back to when the comment sections were a fun exchange.


key word screened better too. its ridiculous to downgrade an actor or actress. I think I came close to one drama, and I think a lot of people did too. but I just don’t see being critical to them,I’d rather see some uplifting, motivational stuff than the degrading and stuff about them.

If you can’t say anything good about anyone or anything, keep it to yourself!

You should write to the English moderators. It’s one of their jobs to moderate the timed comments and delete offensive ones. Some of them are too busy to do that, but they will gladly take down anything you point out if they agree that it is indeed offensive.


thanks I didn’t know that. I contacted Viki. Some of these comments seem to be popping up on some of the older dramas. Maybe it is easier to be a jerk when it is hidden. Last Cinderella has some pretty nasty comments that other people tried to cut off with humorous comments.

As for Last Cinderella, I don’t know about the English moderator, Kikko3, who was last active 3 months ago, but the Channel Manager is @mirna023_316, who is still very active here. I think it would be much quicker for you to turn to her, than to viki support, even if you already did that.
If I didn’t know how busy she was, I would have told her to have a look at the comments in Love Rain too. There are some very disparaging remarks on the looks of the older couple, especially the man etc. But I haven’t noted down the exact episode and the time in minutes:seconds, so I will never do it.
Make sure to do that before you write to her, OK? Episode, minutes and seconds. Nobody is expected to watch again 16 hours of video in order to find out which comments you are referring to.
And also write the comment for her or include a screenshot (easier for you). So that, if she finds it’s not offensive after all, she doesn’t have to do all this work of going to the episode for nothing.

Hi! Thanks irmar for tagging me.

Susan…can you tell me which episodes you are referring to? It will help me find those comments. We don’t want to have offensive comments either, but since it is an older drama, we have to rely on folks like you to let us know.

If you guys can tell me just episodes for both dramas, I can review the comments. No need for an specific time.

I completely understand the comment issue. I’m editing an older historical where I found some comments, which I found very offensive and others did, too


Oh boy! I think I know exactly which user you were referring to in Last Cinderella. Just checking episode 11 has been painful. A guy, who clearly is angry at something, decides to be super rude. His comments are gone. See ya!

I’ve removed most of my key offensive words from half the episodes. I’ll finish tomorrow. Thanks again for letting me know. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Irmar
If you can tell me the episodes on Love Rain or even say the range like (between 10 and12) to narrow the search I will be happy to review the timed comments.

It was months ago that I watched it. Never mind. (They are mostly about how ugly the actor playing the father is. Nothing really gross, but if I were this actor and I read them, I would feel bad).
If some day I feel like crying uncontrollably like a fountain again, I can go and rewatch, and if I find them I’ll be sure to tell you.

I think I got most of the offensive comments on “Last Cinderella.” Thanks again for letting me know. :slight_smile:

thanks for removing the comments. the viewer tried to control it but it ended up going all the way through to the end. honestly I don’t remember seeing these kinds of posters 2 years. I guess with growth you get more people who just want to irritate coming in that weren’t on Viki before. I find drama fans pretty open or at least willing to listen to another point of view even if they don’t agree or are more conservative in their views.

You are right. The comments were on every single episode. Got them deleted. It should be a better viewing experience now. :slight_smile:

The comments against the female leads are so hateful and they stay posted. If comments are not attacking the female leads then it’s complaining how the subtitles are not posted which I never understood considering it will actually state how much percentage of the subtitles is available.
I turned it off now because of that and any post I contribute to the clarification of the storyline does not remain when I log out and log back on.

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There were also a bunch of other (more recent) threads about this topic if you want to read those :slight_smile:

Have you asked for help in the help center? I’ve never had that problem before myself.