Channel Approval. Your channel isn't always visible for everyone

Yes, they didn’t!! I’m not sure why? how long did you wait for your channel request? and if the channel disappears in your page is that means your channel is not approved?

It is a must!! you are right, they should provide it when they did not approve for the channel so that we know. Waiting for nothing is a waste of time and effort hahaha. I think they need more staff to answer help center. My question was answered after 22 days. Also, the question I am looking for didn’t even got an answer. After, it was said “solved” and you can not make any follow up response? Sometimes, volunteers even have a fastest reply than them :joy:

Depends… I had Jackpot within 48 hours, W didn’t take to long either but I have pending channels which are pending for almost a year or something. And yes I think so.

I see, that’s a sad news :cry:

Anyway, thanks for quick reply. You are faster than viki :joy:

How would you get it to license? Do send an email to viki support?

For submitting a channel:
Go here:
Scroll down. On the bottom of the page there is a button to push to submit a channel.

The licence is something that viki has to do, it’s an agreement between viki and the broadcasting station, and they have to agree on how much viki has to pay etc… So it’s not something we do.
What users can do is request a licence. From here:

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