Channel for tVN's Reply 1994 and Basketball


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Thanks bkiss. No worries about the long reply. I was puzzled why there wasn’t a fan channel for two upcoming dramas which involved two director’s who’s past work was just amazing. I wanted to contact the Managers of those channels so I could be involved.


Basketball is available on viki!

Goodness, viki is on a roll aren’t they? That’s two tvN dramas in a month- Answer me 1994 and Basketball!

It’s a worthwhile investment viki. Basketball is going to be great! Thank you so much!


Hi ngone^^
I’m sorry replying back so late. Sometimes I get busy and forget about this new discussion thread. Yes, I think there was some type of mix up here. I think we were both told and then all of sudden our channels were deleted. They usually just go by who was first. I know that the channel is listed on a few other profiles now. I checked those profiles several times, before I opened mine. Because I wanted to make sure none of my friends had already asked. I didn’t see it in their profiles. Then all of a sudden yours was gone and mine. I had checked over a span of several days too. Oh well. I hope it goes better for you next time.:slight_smile:


I hope too for you :slight_smile:


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