Channel for tVN's Reply 1994 and Basketball

I can’t seem to find the fan channel for these two upcoming shows. Has anyone submitted a fan channel request and is currently waiting for approval from viki?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! I’m almost positive that I saw both of those channels and they have been created. Since they are Cable channels viki can’t approve them unless the content providers says it’s okay. So, I believe unless they get the license the channels will remain blocked and you won’t be able to find them in the search. Only the channel creator can see it. If you do create one it’ll show up in your profile page under “Projects”, and if it’s already created it’ll eventually get deleted off. This confuses some who create new channels because they see this in their profile page and think the channel has been approved. But, until you get the official word from viki staff then it’s not. I have the same thing now with “Unemployed Romance” I was told I’m the Channel Manager, but it’s blocked basically unless they get approval from the content owner. Only I and viki can see the channel now. I hope this helps and sorry for the long message.:slight_smile:

They both been submitted as I did happen to see them in some people’s channel roles but they didn’t work so Viki didn’t get a license.

@bkiss I think your channel will be denied since someone else had it approved: look here
Right now I’m also waiting for 2 channels to be approved or denied. One is the special “Land Of Rain” which did air today and I did submit “The Conditions of Love” today since I couldn’t find a channel yet.

Her channel isn’t there now. Plus someone else who opened it was denied and was told by catchlight I had the channel and to contact me. But, I agree it’s confusing. That’s why I said even if it shows up in your projects it doesn’t mean you’re the manager. Very confusing! I hope you get your channels approved!

Yeah, I saw it on @ngone8’s profile before, but it’s gone now. She said she got a message that it was approved and subsequently denied. Don’t know how that works, but I can only assume Viki messed things up a bit somewhere.

I guess that leaves your channel as the actual one, for Unemployed Romance. But isn’t it still weird? From what I’ve seen, channels usually go through as fan channels regardless of licensing. So like, they’re publicly visible channels (for a while, at least) - you’re just not allowed to add content… Until (if) Viki gets the okay from the content owner. I thought that’s how it was.

Oh well, I guess it was just speculation anyway.

Thanks bkiss. No worries about the long reply. I was puzzled why there wasn’t a fan channel for two upcoming dramas which involved two director’s who’s past work was just amazing. I wanted to contact the Managers of those channels so I could be involved.

Now I’m confused. lol! It’s my understanding that if a channel is approved you’ll receive a written message from viki and it’ll be a fan channel until we get the license. Otherwise it’ll stay a fan channel. Even though I was told I was the manager it’s actually being blocked. That’s why it can’t be seen as a fan channel. I was told they have to have approval by the content provider. Maybe because it’s a cable channel and each content provider may be different. So unless they get the approval it’ll stay this way and not even become a fan channel.

So you are not allowed to make a channel wall either @scircus? I did for one channel since I requested it a lil while ago and it aired yesterday and was like if they approve and have a license I don’t have to hurry with designing a nice coverpage. It’s really strange somehow because a channel I did submit a few days later (Pretty Boy) got denied but still nothing about Land Of Rain.

I find this whole submit channel thing confusing to be honest

@bkiss Yeah, that makes sense. There have been tons of shows I’m surprised not to even see fan channels for, so it’s possible they’re not even allowed to put up the channel. Aw, hope it goes through… I wanted to watch Unemployed Romance~

@Dudie Me specifically? Or in general? I’ve never really had the problem with licensing, since it seems more of a Korean drama thing (and I’ve never started a Korean channel). I meant content as in videos, so I’d assume if they haven’t specifically said no to your channel, there’s no issue with channel walls.

I think it usually takes a while for channels to be approved. It’s possible that they already have a list of dramas to deny…or someone else submitted a channel for that? Agreed, I get the general ‘submit, wait, license: yes/no’ line of motion, but I feel like I’m not as informed as I could be.

I know what you mean. I think it’s up to the manager. I guess you know how I work. I tend to like to be ready and tend to promote my channels within. But, sometimes it’s a hit or miss. I’ve had some channels all ready to go and we got the license and it’s great. There are other times that we don’t get the license and it’s … But, I don’t think it’s a bother for me and I get to talk and meet with my friends here and meet new people too. I think it’s happened to all of us. :slight_smile:

I do too! I wish we could get more dramas from the cable channels. I really think many would enjoy them.:slight_smile:

Hi! I made a video request to the VIKI team for tvN’s basketball a few days ago and got a reply yesterday. I saw your post and wanted to share the news.

Carlyrose told me that VIKI "…are not currently in talks to license Basketball … " but they would direct the request to the business team that I’d like to watch the show. * Sigh*. It’s a shame viki hasn’t started the negotiation process, but I guess nobody requested for the drama before?

I like the director of this show, Kwak Jung-Hwan who just wowed me with his Conspiracy in the Court/Seoul’s Sad Song and Chuno aka Slave Hunters. Granted his dramas are not the fluff and puff variety, but if you want meatier shows that will forever linger with you, this man delivers all the time. Fingers crossed that viki will start negotiating for the license and it will be aired on viki. I think Dramafever is in talks with tvN for Basketball, but I like to watch these shows on viki because of the sense of community from the VIKIANS. That’s what sets VIKI apart from its rivals.

I’m not sure about Reply 1994, but given the huge popularity of Reply 1997, I think negotiations have probably begun to air it on viki.

Sorry for the long note.

Edit : The license for Basketball has already been secured by Dramafever! Sigh. I will continue to hope that viki gets the license for this show! **



Hi i had previously contacted @ngone8 about helping out with “Unemployed Romance” for the Spanish subs, but if your channel is the one that gets approved i would like to be consider for the team as a subber.

Thanks. No negotiations yet with tvN for Basketball? Does this mean not even a fan channel was submitted for viki to approve then?

Yikes, I wish I could submit the fan channel but I won’t have time to be a Channel Manager for an on-air drama. A Korean drama at that. Oh the pressure the Channel Managers receive for an on-air drama ^__^.

Here’s a shout out to anyone out there who is interested with Basketball, please create the fan channel. I will definitely support you all the way and if needs be volunteer to be a Moderator if I could!

Basketball was submitted months ago by various people. And someone still has the drama in their channel roles (just checked I remembered who it was.) but it doesn’t work. So Viki is hiding the channel until they get a license (or not get one at all and delete it later). Some content owners don’t want their series to be on here before Viki has a license. And I do think Viki also makes a selection of series they want to get a license for, I mean there is to much and you can’t have all.

I wish the business team would look into more of the cable shows out there for Korean dramas.

They start out so under the radar, as they are generally not a star-vehicle or idol-vehicle, but once it airs and it captures the hearts and minds of the viewers, it generates huge buzz or word-of-mouth recommendations from the english-speaking blogsphere. ^^

I would have loved to watch Cruel City/ Heartless City on viki what with all the timed comments, and seeing the drama bein1g translated into so many languages.Fingers crossed Basketball makes the cut and we can watch it on viki

the same thing happened to me when I submitted a request for “Unemployed Romance” for a few days the channel was working normally and they sent me a message saying that my channel was approved so , I asked everyone and they said that they could see the fan channel . A while after I was told that the channel was not approved because @bkiss submitted the request at the same time as me. so I thought that they approved yours and not mine.
Now I am confused. -.

I asked Carlyrose to please negotiate for the show and she replied to me that Basketball has been placed in the community’s wish list. I’m not sure whether this will start the ball rolling and we will eventually get the license, but here’s hoping right?

On another note, man I wish I had access to that wish list. It must be a huge list! :slight_smile:

reading some of these replies reminds me of how much hard work viki is! there’s more to it than mouse clicking and popcorn. ^^

Viki has the license for Reply 1994. The license was just received a few hours ago! ^___^

This is the channel.

Here’s hoping that Basketball with make the cut as well!

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