Channel Homepage, every channel has one with lots of info

Many new people are unawre that there is a homepage for every channel which usually contains tons of info about the drama … all of the info that people usually ask in the comments sections. One reason for people not knowing is that the links provided by Viki take people to the most recent episode.


The Community Wall on the homepage will usually contain a synopsis, staff info, contributor info, announcements and info on airing dates and times along with the number of episodes and more. Games, when played will take place from the Community Wall, utilizing the Comments section of the Community Wall.

If the links provide by Viki would take people to the homepage instead of a video, people would know more about what it going on. They could then select which episode they want to go to from there.

You can get to the channel homepage at the very top of any video page, by clicking on the name of the drama within the link (right above the video).


You’re right, I saw that couple of times too

Please encourage people to check out the info posted on the homepage before asking the questions in the comments.

It’s pretty annoying. It goes immediately to an episode even though I just want to see the channel wall.

Very good point. This is the result of recent unfortunate “upgrades” done by Viki to the website. Earlier clicking on the channel link did take people to the Channel homepage. Also the list of Volunteers used to be visible on the Channel homepage itself while now it has been buried under a tab. The new designs are not user friendly at all. They are haphazard and all over the place.

Well if you see how they show a preview of synopsis, you click more and it will take you to the channel’s homepage. Thats the best way to do it. Or just search that title in the search bar if you see the channel just click it before pressing enter.

I don’t know where you found that clicking “more” takes you to the homepage. Clicking on it just expands the synopsis section and stays on the same page. Whenever you do a search it takes you to either the most current episode if it is an on-air drama or to episode 1 if it isn’t. The only time it takes you to the homepage is if it is as fan channel where there are no videos. Even if there is only a video clip, clicking on the pics will take you to that clip.

Managing channels I have had to deal with so many simple questions that were all explained on the homepage community wall. We can’t answer every question on every episode. Many times I have pm’ed people who asked such questions and masny had no idea that there even was a community wall because they had never been to a homepage. When we started Viki, or should I say Viiki, there was no issue with this but in recent times people are always directed to the videos directly so many new people don’t know anything about a homepage.

Announcements about things like games have to go somewhere. Every episode??? I had one person complain about why there were no games. The complaint was in the comments of an episode. Games had been going on from the hompage community wall and comments section for weeks. They had no clue.

never heard of games. is it like the playful kiss time for the designs? or what?
i dont know, i always click more and it takes me to the homepage of the drama. odd…
i remember before there were a place for posts on the channels thats gone, and comments in different languages thats gone too, but what happened to the old times. since it became blue its gone awkward. i remember i signed in and i had my green banner on top.

When you hover over the image of the show, the little pop-up that comes up has the title, description, and a “more” link underneath. Clicking that generally takes you to the main channel page.

Of course, without knowing that, why would you click that when you could click the nice big image or the title? Which all take you to, as you’ve said, the first episode or the most recent one.

I’m not sure why Viki hasn’t done anything about it. It makes much more sense to direct a person to the main page (with all the info and all the episodes) rather than a select episode.

I’m also not that sure why they got rid of the individual channel discussions. They tried to rectify it by adding this discussion page, but it was definitely much more organized (and made more sense) having pages regarding a channel on that channel.

And then they also switched to using disqus to moderate their comments, like a lot of sites do now. Maybe disqus doesn’t have the functionality for different languages? Nothing particularly against non-English comments, but it does make more sense to group them by language.

Ah… I don’t know. While I like the ease of contributing, there’s a decent amount of the site that…I don’t quite see reason for changing?

thats what i was meaning. lol!

I dont know what Disqus is but how did i get it or how to get it?

Well … learn someting new every day. I never waited long enough for that popup to read it. When searching you don’t get those either and they don’t exist on the episodes. I saw then on things in my favorites (not my projects) and on the Viki home page which I never hardly ever go to.

Disqus is a different company that Viki uses now for the comments. They also market their own stuff to users such as us for which I have had to unsubscribe twice now in my email. I liked the old comments better.

so our activity is in a disqus account? hmph

The comments you make on the channel pages are done with disqus. Your viki username becomes your disqus username. The discussions boards (right here) are not part of disqus. Only the comments section on the channel pages and the segment/subtitle comments are done using disqus.

Thank You for clearing it. :slight_smile: