Channel Title/Description Translation badge?!

Do we have a new badge on Viki? I didn’t see it in the badge list yet.
I like to collect badges so I wonder how to get this one, I saw it at someone’s profile:

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I know there are some badges used for testing… I asked Brovo about it last time when I spotted this Stinky Durian Badge…

She said they are used for testing and soon be removed…

Hopefully they would give us more details about them…

That Durian one is cute… I would love to have more cute badges such as the seg101 penguin :slight_smile:


I don’t know if the badge @Dudie mentioned is temporary. I noticed that badge on my profile a couple of weeks ago (I guess) and it’s still there!

I saw that badge too but I don’t know how to get it???

@Kuyurmi: Mine appeared suddenly on my profile! But I guess you can always contact the HC and ask for the badge.

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Btw, I remember helping to translate in French level (on the document), but I haven’t received the badge. Is it because I don’t have enough translated in your document?

Yay thanks Brittany for giving me the badge :smiley:
Can’t wait to collect more Viki badges :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Brittany for awarding me the badge today.

I think subbers should also be awarded this badge.For example the hardworking Korean-English subbers, Taiwanese-English subbers, Spanish-English and also other languages-English subbers. Well just putting this idea out there.

it´d be a great idea a bagde for channel design, it takes a lot of time when you design a page, and a bagde for every language is a great idea too

Is it still open? I do want to collect badges too :confused:

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I want to join too. There are many shows missing Arabic titles on Viki.

People look at the date of this topic… 3 years ago! Brovo doesn’t work for Viki anymore.

I know it is 3 years ago, but thought many that project is still there. There is many titles not translated to Arabic or some random characters are added to it such as this :open_umbrella:. So I want to see if it is still up and I can help.
Guess not.