Chicagoland meetups?

Posting this sort of on a whim, because I’m not really the go out to meet people type of person. Not really a going out type of person at all, hahaa. But I don’t know, right now, it sounds interesting - fun? - to just meet up with some people that are just as addicted to dramas. And go hang out for a day or something.

I know some Viki members met up about a month ago at the korean festival - which I was thinking about, but I totally forgot about it when it came around. But that would have been a crowded affair and stuff.

Chicago’s a big place with lots of people… So is there anyone in the area that would want to (or would consider) a meetup? I mean, not any time soon, since I’m not in the area at the moment. But one day?

Edit// Watch me come back to delete this later or something b/c I decided I’m too much of a scaredy cat to actually go out and meet new people. Ha!


I feel completely the same way. I do not have much of a social life because I am so busy but I have enjoyed the Viki community so much that when I watch kdramas I can practically hear my fellow fans squealing, laughing/crying with me. I am thinking of starting a meetup for Nashville. Now that Netflix has so many dramas, I can stream them right to my big screen tele and we could watch it in HD…while eating yummy Korean food of course :smiley:


Didn’t think I’d come back to this thread again…

But guys, guys. The list of US theaters showing TOP’s movie, The Commitment, is out. The AMC at Golf Mill (just outside Chicago) is showing it!!! Looks like it’s released on Dec. 6.

And hopefully it stays in theaters for at least 3 weeks?
Anyone free the week of Christmas who would want to go watch it if it is? ^o^

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AMC is showing the movie??? The AMC that was next to my apartment…OMG and I’m not in the US right now… cries…cry I’m so sad. I really wanna see that movie!

haha id love to meet a few drama fans but sadly im a bit of a awkward turtle when it comes to going out to see people. but i hope you can. the movie looks cool. let me know if its any good

Hahaa… We could have been awkward turtles together XD

Urgh. I think it just went out of theaters this week T-T I was going to be back this weekend. Why.

oh poopy! well theres always other movies. im all hyped up to watch Hobbit 2! then its back to drama marathon! :smiley: well keep in touch if you find any other cool things to watch