Chinese Drama Adaptation of Ever Night 将夜 Fan Channel Added!

Support licensing! VIKI’S FAN CHANNEL:
New promotional trailer for drama adaptation of Ever Night 将夜, which is based on a novel written by Mao Ni 猫腻 who also wrote Fighter of the Destiny.
The series will be released in three parts, with the first one being “Ever Night: Dawn of the Empire” 将夜:帝国的清晨. Relatively new actors Chen Feiyu, Song Yiren, Sun Zujun, Meng Ziyi, Yuan Bingyan head the cast of seasoned actors like Hu Jun (pictured), Leo Lai, Ni Dahong, Adam Cheng, Dylan Kuo, and Tong Yao. Link to trailer below.
Five-minute trailer:



Thank you for your wonderful support!! You just rock :slight_smile:

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Ever Night, Night Fall 将夜 Jiang Ye

Broadcast: October 31, 2018 :sob:

Trailer w/ English subs: it’s just beautiful, never saw a Chinese trailer like that, it’s refreshing, smooth, epic, beautiful scenery and the music, oh my God!

Fan channel not licensed on Viki:


The channel is licensed :grinning: :tada::fireworks:

>**Recruiting Italian and Arabic moderators**

Some watchers request subtitles in different languages, that’s why we’re currently looking for Italian and Arabic moderators with some experience.

:envelope_with_arrow: Contact me if you’re interested:
(There’s already 1 Italian subtitler without moderator)

Recruiting subtitlers in all languages

We also recruit subtitlers in all languages, see who you can contact:
:envelope_with_arrow: You can contact For_rmcer for Chinese-English subtitling:

:envelope_with_arrow: You can contact your respective moderator here for your native language:

:envelope_with_arrow: You can contact me if there’s no moderator for your native language:

Thanks for any help!

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Ever Night S1 will end in 2 weeks.
Thank you, Viki for licensing this drama. I think it was the best discovery I’ve made on Viki in the fantasy genre.

Without this drama as a fan channel on Viki, I would have never known its existence or taken a peek in the novel and after 9 chapters out of 1K chapters, I was simply gone. Thanks for making me discover this novel and this author and thanks for making us see real people embodying characters of this paper universe.

OST of this drama are just beautiful:

I’m in love.
I hope Viki won’t forget to ask for the licence of S2 and S3, though I won’t be able to volunteer on them, it will be with great pleasure to watch every character again in their new adventures.

A big thank you, Viki and segmenters, English subtitlers and other languages subtitlers, English editors and other languages editors, moderators, designer,… each viewer and every volunteer :blush:

Merry Christmas to everyone :kissing_heart:

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Update Ever Night:

Looking for other languages moderators: see here what we mish here :grinning:

+ Urgent recruiting: 1 moderator in Turkish with some experience
There’s already 1 new Turkish subtitler on Viki who wants to translate in Turkish this drama, we need someone to guide her because she translated in French instead of Turkish… causing misunderstanding for the French team, her and me. The guiding task shouldn’t ask much time :wink:

The Turkish translator profile:

If other volunteers can recommend me a Turkish mod, I’m all ears!

Thanks for helping her and the drama!

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The people I have in my files. I have no idea how good they are, since I don’t know the language.

Turkish moderators:
mocha81 (she translated Miss Baek)
narnae (Irem)

Turkish translators:

raziye_kiz_764 from Discussions
darkstiles24 from Discussions
beyza_ljs from Discussions

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Thanks, Eomeonim! Going to look at it!

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Does she only speak turkish and english? Maybe i can help because i also speak turkish :slight_smile:

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darkstiles24 is also a german/turkish subber like myself but i prefer german because i am more fluent in german than turkish like her (i guess?)

She told me she knew English, Turkish, French & German.
Feel welcomed whenever you want to join Ever Night! Our pleasure :slight_smile: