Chinese Drama TE Wanted

Hi, Viki

I hope this finds you well.

I am looking for Chinese Translation Editors for the drama Time to Fall in Love. Please feel free to message me if interested.

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@kakashiandme @worthyromance @damiechan @nicefly09
I heard about these editors that they are the best in Chinese dramas, I don’t know if they do other dramas as well, but they are queens for Chinese. There are probably others, but I don’t know them yet.


Thank you, Sofija. They are Chief Editors but I am looking for a Translation Editor.

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Nicefly does TE as well as she is fluent in Chinese but I dont know how time she has


I think each of these editors have and know those who are good as TEs for the Chinese language. :star_struck:

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@damiechan @sofija_534 Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ve notified a few people who I know are great TEs but because the pool is so small, their schedules fill up quickly. I even contacted some English subbers who might still be active to give it a try.


Many thanks for the assistance. I appreciate it <3

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Hi Sunset - I sent out a message to the TEs I usually work with. I have 3 I am working with guiding as TE.

is looking for TE work.
is one of the best for reading Chinese signs.
is very efficient but will do only one episode per week.
is excellent.
I highly recommend Michelle or Xiaofengcanyue (Darcy) as your starting TE to establish spelling of names and terms.


@trangstar888 I have started to receive messages so thanks so much.

@worthyromance Thank you. I will message a few from your list to add another one.

I really appreciate for taking your time to be kind. Many thanks and hugs.


Sorry for replying so late. As you can see I’m quite busy with my real-life work currently. However, I’ve seen many have sent those TE’s to you. I’m also TE’ing but my plate is too full (outside viki) Good luck with your project.


Thanks and no problem! I have managed to secure the TEs. Thanks so much for your response, Nicefly! Quite appreciated.

All the best!

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