[Chinese Drama] We Love You, Mr. Jin : Looking for Moderators, Subbers and Editors! ^^

Hello everybody !

Hope you’re fine.

I just took in charge an old Chinese Drama, We love You, Mr Jin, it was a friend’s Channel but due to a personnal matter, she can’t manage it anymore. And because we are here to help each other, the must that we can, i’m helping her :slight_smile:

So, all episodes are segmented (a big thanks to the Segmenters), and all I need is Chinese-English Subbers, Moderators (except Portuguese), Editors and other language Subbers.

I know the drama is old and you may ask ; why I’ll waste my precious time working on it? Well, I have an answer :

  1. There are manny followers who would love to watch the Drama (imagine if you always wanted to watch an old Drama, and once you find it, it isn’t translated, sad, isn’t it?)

  2. It can be your “1st time being Moderator”, cool, right? Then after you can easily be a Moderator of a new/on air/upcoming Drama.
    P.S. Moderators should be QC

  3. Also, it can be your 1st translating experience, yes, beginners are accepted, then, you can easily gain experience and after be an Editor or/and a Moderator.

  4. And finally, as I already said it, we are here to help each other, so, help me and the fans in translating this Drama :slight_smile:

Here is again the link for the Drama : https://www.viki.com/tv/23647c-we-love-you-mr-jin
Don’t hesitate to send me a PM ^^

Thank you for reading me!
Hope we can work together soon ^^

Miral :kissing_heart:

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hi I m interesting for a Romanian moderator

Hello, I just sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Hello Miral, Id like to sub Eng-German, but since Im not a QC yet, I can just help if there will be a moderator, is that right? :cherry_blossom:

Hello Hallpa,
Thank you for your interest :slight_smile: And no, it’s not, you can also help, even if there isn’t any Moderator. I just sent you a pm for more details. Welcome to the Team ^^

Thank you!!! :confetti_ball:

I’d love to help sub Chinese to English!

Oh Great! We really need Chi-Eng Subbers! I’m going to send you a pm about this. Welcome to the Team^^

Hello, I am interested in helping with chinese to english subs!

Hello ^^ Super! I just sent you a pm, check it please :slight_smile: Welcome to the Team!

Hello, I can be the CHI-ENG subber && Eng mod thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: okay! Thank you^^ Welcome to the Team, Moderator :slight_smile: I just sent you a pm please read it.

Hello! miral, I would like to help captioning of English to Spanish

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@lou_guevara ella es la moderadora de español para ese drama en particular, mandale un mensaje a ella.

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:slight_smile: gracias! ^^