Chinese Dramas adapted from novels

List of Chinese dramas on Viki adapted from novels

Genre: Historical, Costume & Period (121)

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  1. A Dream of Red Mansions :writing_hand: Cao Xueqin :closed_book: Dream of the Red Chamber (print book) :us:
  2. A Scholar Dream of Woman
  3. A Step Into The Past :writing_hand: Huang Yi :closed_book: :us:
  4. A Swordsman in Wilderness
  5. A Terracotta Warrior
  6. An Oriental Odyssey
  7. Ashes of Love :writing_hand: Dian Xian :closed_book: :us:
  8. Bloody Romance :writing_hand: Ban Ming Ban Mei :closed_book: :us:
  9. Chinese Paladin 3 :writing_hand: Guan Pingchao :closed_book: Xianjian Qixia Zhuan / The Legend of Sword and Fairy (based on the game)
  10. Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World :writing_hand: Guan Pingchao :closed_book: Xianjian Qixia Zhuan / The Legend of Sword and Fairy (based on the game)
  11. Chronicle of Life :writing_hand: Fei Wo Si Cun :closed_book: Lonely Courtyard in Late Spring
  12. Da Song Bei Wei Department
  13. Decoded :writing_hand: Mai Jia :closed_book: Decoded (print book) :us:
  14. Desperate Love
  15. Emperor’s Guard :writing_hand: 蓝色狮 :closed_book: Below Gorgeous Robe 2 volumnes
  16. Empress of the Ming :writing_hand: Lianjing Zhuyi :closed_book: The Chronicle of the Six Eras
  17. Empresses in the Palace (Director’s Cut) :writing_hand: Liu Lianzi :closed_book: Empresses In The Palace
  18. Epiphyllum Dream :writing_hand: Chen Juan :closed_book: Epiphyllum Dream
  19. Eternal Love :writing_hand: Tang Qi Gong Zi :closed_book: :us:
  20. Ever Night :writing_hand: Mao Ni :closed_book: :us:
  21. Fighter of the Destiny :writing_hand: Mao Ni :closed_book: :us:
  22. Fights Break Sphere :writing_hand: Heavenly Silkworm Potato :closed_book: :us:
  23. Four Brothers of Peking
  24. God of War, Zhao Yun :writing_hand: Shan Tian Fang :closed_book: Romance of the Three Kingdoms :us:
  25. Goodbye My Princess :writing_hand: 匪我思存 :closed_book: :us:
  26. Great Expectations
  27. Hai Tang’s Rouge Shines Through in the Rain
  28. Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre :writing_hand: Jin Yong :closed_book: :us:
  29. Hero’s Dream
  30. I Will Never Let You Go :writing_hand: :closed_book: Legend of Hua Bu Qi
  31. Joy of Life :writing_hand: Mao Ni :closed_book: :us:
  32. King is Not Easy
  33. Legend of Awakening :writing_hand: Butterfly Blue :closed_book: :us:
  34. Legend of Condor Heroes :writing_hand: Jin Yong :closed_book: :us:
  35. Legend of Fuyao :writing_hand: Tian Xia Gui Yuan :closed_book: :us:
  36. Legend of Lu Zhen :writing_hand: Zhang Wei :closed_book:
  37. Legend of the Ancient Sword
  38. Legend of Yun Xi :writing_hand: Jie Mo :closed_book: :us:
  39. Magic Star
  40. Martial Universe :writing_hand: Heavenly Silkworm Potato :closed_book: :us:
  41. Men With Swords Season 1
  42. Men With Swords Season 2
  43. Monarch Industry :writing_hand: Mei Yu Zhe :closed_book: :us:
  44. New Moment in Peking :writing_hand: Lin Yutang :closed_book: New Moment in Peking :us:
  45. Nirvana in Fire :writing_hand: Hai Yan :closed_book: :us:
  46. Nirvana in Fire 2
  47. Novoland: Eagle Flag :writing_hand: ? :closed_book: Novoland Eagle Flag
  48. Oh My General :writing_hand: Ju Hua San Li :closed_book: :us:
  49. Oh! My Emperor
  50. Painted Skin II

51.Peace In Palace, Peace In Chang An
52. Perfect Couple
53. Princess Agents :writing_hand: Xiao Xiang Dong Er :closed_book: :us:
54. Princess Silver
55. Princess Weiyoung :writing_hand: Qin Jian :closed_book: :us:
56. Queen Dugu
57. Records of the Southern Mist House :writing_hand: Ke Xiaosha and Zuo Xiaoling :closed_book: :us:
58. Rookie Agent Rouge
59. Royal Highness
60. Rule the World :writing_hand: Li Xin :closed_book: Du Bu Tian Xia
61. Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace :writing_hand: Liu Lianzi :closed_book: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace
62. Scarlet Heart :writing_hand: Tong Hua :closed_book: :us:
63. Scarlet Heart 2 :writing_hand: :closed_book:
64. Secret of the Three Kingdoms :writing_hand: Ma Boyong :closed_book: Secret of the Three Kingdoms
65. Siege in Fog :writing_hand: Fei Wo Si Cun :closed_book: :us:
66. Singing All Along :writing_hand: Li Xin :closed_book: Xiuli Jiangshan
67. Song of Phoenix Liang Zhenhua
68. Sparrow :writing_hand: Hai Fei :closed_book: The Sparrow
69. Story of Yanxi Palace :writing_hand: Zhou Mo :closed_book: Story of Yanxi Palace
70. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei
71. Suo Meng Lou
72. Switch of Fate
73. Sword Dynasty :writing_hand: Wu Zui :closed_book: Sword Dynasty
74. The Cage of Love
75. The Classic of Mountains and Seas
76. The Deer and the Cauldron :writing_hand: Jin Yong :closed_book: :us:
77. The Disguiser :writing_hand: Zhang Yong :closed_book: The Spy War on Shanghai Beach
78. The Eternal Love :writing_hand: Sui Yu Er An :closed_book: :us:
79. The Fate of Swordsman
80. The Fated General
81. The Flame’s Daughter :writing_hand: Ming Xiaoxi :closed_book: :us:
82. The Four :writing_hand: Woon Swee Oan :closed_book: Si Da Ming Bu
83. The Four Scholars of Jiangnan
84. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine :writing_hand: Murong Yin’er :closed_book: The Glamorous Imperial Concubine
85. The Great Craftsman
86. The Great Protector
87. The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber :writing_hand: Jin Yong :closed_book: :us:
88. The Imperial Doctress :writing_hand: :closed_book:
89. The King of Blaze :writing_hand: YOU Su Lan :closed_book:
90. The King’s Woman :writing_hand: Wen Shiren :closed_book: The Legend of Qin: Li Ji Story
91. The Legend of Chusen :writing_hand: Xiao Ding :closed_book: :us:
92. The Legend of Chusen 2
93. The Legend of Fragrance
94. The Legend of Hao Lan
95. The Legend of Qin :writing_hand: Sayling Wen :closed_book: The Legend of Qin
96. The Legend of White Snake :closed_book: (Adaptation from “Legend of the White Snake”) :us:
97. The Legend of Zu
98. The Legend of Zu 2
99. The Legendary Tycoon
100. The Legends
101. The Legends of Monkey King :writing_hand: Wu Cheng En :closed_book: (remake of “Journey to the West”: :us:
102. The Mystic Nine :writing_hand: Xu Lei :closed_book: (prequel to The Lost Tomb: :us:
103. The Mystic Nine Tetralogy :writing_hand: Xu Lei :closed_book: (prequel to The Lost Tomb: :us:
104. The Palace
105. The Rise of Phoenixes :writing_hand: Tian Xia Gui Yuan :closed_book: :us:
106. The Smiling Proud Wanderer :writing_hand: Jin Yong :closed_book: :us:
107. The Starry Night, The Starry Sea Season 2 :writing_hand: Tong Hua :closed_book: (prequel to The Starry Night, The Starry Sea)
108. The Story of Ming Lan :writing_hand: Guan Xin Ze Luan :closed_book: :us:
109. The Taoism Grandmaster :writing_hand: Chen Shisan :closed_book: The Taoism Grand Master (I & II)
110. The Three Heroes and Five Gallants :writing_hand: Shi Yu Kun :closed_book: The Three Heroes and Five Gallants :us:
111. The Will To Majesty
112. The Wolf
113. The Young Warriors
114. Three Lives, Three Worlds, Three Miles of Peach Blossoms 2 :writing_hand: Tang Qi Gong Zi :closed_book: (also exists in published version called To the Sky Kingdom) :us:
115. Unruly Qiao
116. Untouchable Lovers :writing_hand: Tian Yi You Feng :closed_book: :us:
117. Who Knows the Female of the Women
118. Win The World
119. Yan Shi Fan :writing_hand: Han Lu :closed_book: Yan Shi Fan
120. Young Sherlock :writing_hand: Robert van Gulik :closed_book: (original work: Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee) :us:
121. Zhao Ge


@piranna Thank you for the listing. Awesome! :kissing_heart:


Woah, so cool! Thank you so much! I didn’t know Goodbye My Princess was based off of a novel–I really like that drama, and will consider reading the novel


Updating in disorder:

Title link / :writing_hand: Author / :closed_book: Novel / :us: English translation of the novel
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  1. Love Me If You Dare :writing_hand: Ding Mo :closed_book: :us:

  2. A Love So Beautiful :writing_hand: Zhao Gan Gan :closed_book: :us:

  3. Love O2O :writing_hand: Gu Man :closed_book: :us:

  4. My Mr. Mermaid :writing_hand: Jiu Xiao Qi :closed_book: :us:

  5. Ice Fantasy :writing_hand: Guo Jingming :closed_book: :us:

  6. Candle in the Tomb :writing_hand: The Ruler Under The Heavens :closed_book: :us:

  7. Medical Examiner: Dr. Qin :writing_hand: Qin Ming :closed_book: :us:

  8. Never Gone :writing_hand: Xin Yi Wu :closed_book: :us:

  9. The King’s Avatar :writing_hand: Butterfly Blue :closed_book: :us:

  10. The First Half of My Life :writing_hand: Yi Shu :closed_book: :us:

  11. The Endless Love :writing_hand: 墨舞碧歌 :closed_book: :us:


Thanks so much!

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Just read about a new novel to drama story starring cast from “Ashes of Loved”.


Thanks for sharing.
Do you know if there is a channel on Viki for it?
The list above are novels from a certain genre that were adapted into dramas available on Viki.

Don’t know what to read for Chinese novels at the moment.

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Hi! You’re welcome, and no, I didn’t find a channel for And the Winner is Love.
I shared the information about the drama on the celebrity channels of the principle cast members (with the title request form link) and hope fans will let Viki know they are interested in the drama.


I really want to see him as main cast and in a fantasy story again :sparkling_heart:

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