Chinese dramas losing the license?

Per coincidence I just found out, that some Chinese dramas are restricted for Germany and I wonder, if it’s just a restriction or did they loose their license?

For example:

Wind Chime
Waiting to Bloom
Young Sherlock
Ice and Fire of Youth
Legend of Chusen
Chinese Paladin 5
God of War

I was German moderator for some of them and didn’t even got a notification. Such a shame for those dramas!

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Might be a bug since when you click play you can still watch it. I noticed that too with several dramas on my watch list (other dramas that you mentioned).

Only few were truly unavailable from my list and these were mostly - like always - Korean, with some older Chinese dramas and 2-3 from ~2015/2017.

Same here (in Norway). Says that they’re restricted, but they are not really. However, when I log out, they are restricted (I can’t even see the episodes). Then perhaps that means they are restricted, but QCs still have access.

All dramas listed (with the exception of Legend of Chusen season 2) are restricted/unavailable in the USA.
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Do you remember if they are newly restricted or already longer before? And do you see that ! triangle sign or not?

I think Legend of Chusen is the most recent to become unavailable. And if my memory is right the balance have been unavailable for quite some time. I was interested in Young Sherlock in 2017 [I think], and it wasn’t available in the USA at that time.

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I really hope it’s just a bug! And yes, I know we still can watch the episodes, but it might be the beginning of the end.

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So sad you were right.

Checked the dramas from the links again and they are blocked now :frowning:

VIKI should at least give viewers a timer when a license expires soon (like amazon does) so people know what they should watch first to be able to complete watching the whole drama and not being stopped in the middle of it.


2016 is not even old.

I wonder if it is banned now because of the Chinese restriction for fantasy and historicals that was mentioned in another thread?

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