Chinese,Japan channels lists 2022-2023

Hello fellow volunteers/contributors/viewers :wave::heart_eyes:

Have you noticed the diminishing number of good, epic Chinese,Japan,Indie drama series on Viki?
Have you wondered if the sensitive topic (

) has engulfed the world of entertainment, i.e. dramas?
Or was it just a case of economics whereby the “winner” takes all (the good, epic titles)?

In any case, this thread is created not for us to discuss that “sensitive topic” (please don’t) but to collectively voice our wishes for upcoming Chinese dramas that do not have any channels created on Viki yet, or ongoing/completed Chinese dramas that have no presence on Viki yet. We will then singularly, in a collective manner, submit a license request for each title we would like Viki to obtain licensing or streaming rights for.

There is already a thread for this topic and you have already posted in it.